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Hotel Map: Montjuïc Hotels in Barcelona

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Montjuïc is quite a large area in Barcelona. The area around Plaça España offer you ready access to all areas of the city with excellent transport connections by both bus and metro. You also have a short 10 minute walk to the magic fountain of Montjuïc and 15 minutes to the Olympic stadium.

To see pictures and read reviews of each hotel simply click on the coloured circles on the hotel map below.

Map showing hotels near Montjuïc Area

Location map showing the hotels near Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain.

Catalonia Hotel
(4 Star)
B Hotel
(3 Star)
B Hotel
(3 Star)
InterContinental Barcelona Hotel
(5 Star)
Silken Concordia Hotel
(3 Star)
Poble Sec
Eixample (Left)

Hotel Name Hotel registration code Hotel Number/ Star Rating
B Hotel HB-004319 (04 / 3 Star)
Catalonia Hotel HB-003967 (14 / 4 Star)
InterContinental Barcelona Hotel HB-003940 (24 / 5 Star)
Silken Concordia Hotel HB-004220 (28 / 3 Star)

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