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Poble Sec is a residential area close to the heart of Barcelona city centre. It does not have much in the way of tourist attractions however it does have good access to the town centre via the Green line Metro stops at España, Poble Sec and Paral.lel with a metro ride of between 5 and 10 minutes to be in the centre of where all the action is.

One advantage of Poble Sec not being in the centre of the tourist route is that you will find that hotel prices are generally lower than in other parts of the city.

If you don't fancy catching the metro to the town centre then you can always walk from Poble Sec which is only a 20 minute walk away.

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Poble Sec does have some hidden treasures in terms of restaurants and Bars but you do need to know where you're going to find them. One road to walk down to find these cosy little restaurants and atmospheric small-town bars is Calle de Blai.

To see pictures and read reviews of each hotel simply click on the coloured
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Map showing hotels near Poble Sec Area

Location map showing the hotels near Poble Sec in Barcelona, Spain.

Universal Hotel
(4 Star)
Universal Hotel
(4 Star)
Eixample (Left)
El Raval
Port Vell
Fira Palace Hotel
(4 Star)
Silken Concordia Hotel
(3 Star)
Apolo Hotel
(4 Star)
Auto Hogar Hotel
(2 Star)

Hotel Name Hotel registration code Hotel Number / Star Rating
Apolo Hotel HB-003988 (08 / 4 Star)
Auto Hogar Hotel HB-000022 (03 / 2 Star)
Fira Palace Hotel HB-003940 (24 / 4 Star)
Silken Concordia Hotel HB-004220 (28 / 3 Star)
Universal Hotel HB-004114 (13 / 4 Star)

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