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Hotel Map: Hotels in The Sants Area of Barcelona

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Sants is a residential area on the west side of Barcelona centre. There is not much in the way of tourist attractions in this area which means that the hotel rates are cheaper in this area. Sants offers you good transportation links to all parts of the city via the Metro.

The map below shows you the exact locations of the hotels in Sants. To read our independent reviews of each hotel click on the circular coloured images below.

Map showing hotels near Sants Area

Location map showing the hotels near Sants in Barcelona, Spain.

B Hotel
(3 Star)
B Hotel
(3 Star)
Les Corts
Eixample (Left)
Catalonia Hotel
(4 Star)
H10 Itaca Hotel
(4 Star)
Expo Hotel
(4 Star)
Acta CITY47 Hotel
(4 Star)
Abba Sants Hotel
(4 Star)

Hotel Name Hotel registration code Hotel Number/ Star Rating
Abba Sants Hotel HB-004078 (01 / 4 Star)
B Hotel HB-004319 (04 / 3 Star)
Catalonia Barcelona Plaza Hotel HB-003967 (14 / 4 Star)
Expo Hotel HB-003580 (23 / 4 Star)
H10 Itaca Hotel HB-004151 (29 / 4 Star)
Acta CITY47 Hotel HB-003934 (15 / 4 Star)

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