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Hotel Name: B Hotel - 3 Star
Gran Vía Corts Catalanes 389-391
08015 Barcelona, España.


metroMetro: España (Red Line, L1) and (Green Line, L3), about 4 minutes walking

Reviewer's Name: Sandra Kanck
Country: AU

Review Title: Okay
Hotel Rating: 6/10

Reviewof B-Hotel:

As most of the time in a hotel is spent sleeping, most importantly the bed is comfortable, and the sound-proofing works, which is important next to a busy road. However, as a near 60 year old I couldn't manage taps that didn't have handles and a myriad of lights that were connected to each other, but then on occasions weren't. There are no written instructions about how to manage the technology. So I had showers that were too hot, and had more lights on than I wanted. I chose to stay there because of its closeness to the conference I was attending, and that would be a good reason to stay. But from a tourist perspective there was no solid information about Barcelona in the room, no displays in the reception area, and when I asked at reception about the tourist bus they were unable to tell me anything. They couldn't tell me anything about the huge mosaic butterfly on the building right next door! They couldn't tell me where to buy postage stamps. But they were friendly people in telling me nothing.

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