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Site Visitor Review: Hostal Residencia Australia in Barcelona

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Hostal Residencia Australia - 2 Star
Address: Rda Universitat, 11
08007 Barcelona, España.


metroNearest Metro Stop

Reviewer's Name: Frank Gil

Review Title: Good info, good rooms, good service
Hotel Rating: 10/10

Review of Hostal Residencia Australia:

Me and my wife currently are living in Leon in the northern part of Spain. We have two kids and we like to travel. So we need places that like kids and places that have kitchens. What a suprise , we were first attracted by the name since I am from Australia and then we fell in love with our rooms which were actually small studio apartments with full cooking facilities. That made my wife's day and helped keep the kids a bit quieter since they were able to munch more often. Just perfect for familes and the location is a beauty as they are located right next to the ramblas. I'd say spot on.

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