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Barcelona Map Linked to a Photo Guide of The City Centre

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On this page you'll find a Barcelona map covering the main tourist attractions, landmarks, monuments and zones in Barcelona city centre. We have also produced a quick reference guide to all our photos in a table below the map.

We have linked photo guides of the city directly to the landmarks and monuments on the map. In this way you can quickly see what the sights look like and in you mind link them to exactly where they are in the city. For ease of identification we've marked all the photo guide areas on the Barcelona map with a white " * " If you keep your mouse pointer stationary for a few seconds over one of these areas a small dialogue box will open describing the photo guide in that area. If you wish to see the photo guide just click on the area and you'll be taken to the photo guide for that part of the town.

Barcelona map of the city centre

Click on any white star * on the map to see a photo guide of that area. The heart of the city centre has been marked by a red oval shape. Scale 250M ---- (Approximately 6 minutes walk)

La Rambla
La Rambla or just "Ramblas" as it's often called runs through the centre of Barcelona. It's a 1.2 km walkway that is packed with street performers, shops and many other attractions. Click to see a photo guide of the Ramblas starting from Colom to Plaça de Catalunya.
Plaça de Catalunya
Regarded as the central most point of Barcelona City Centre. It's a large open square surrounded by statues, trees and grass verges. Click to see photos around Plaça de Catalunya.
Carrer Ferran
An important street in Barcelona. It has many shops, bars and restaurants and links the Ramblas to Plaça de St Jaume. Click to see photos along Carrer Ferran starting from the Ramblas
Antoni Gaudí's La Sagrada Familia
Is a giant temple that has been under construction since 1882 and won't be completed for another 20 - 25 years. Click to see photos of the Sagrada Familia
Barri Gotic
Also known as the Gothic quarter and has many old cobbled streets, historic buildings and church's as its theme. Click to see photos of Barri Gotic.
Plaça Reial
A beautiful square just off the Ramblas. It has some interesting architecture including lamp posts which were the first commissioned works created by Antoni Gaudí. Click to see photos of Plaça Reial.
Barceloneta Beach
A 15 min walk from Colon. It is the closest beach to the city centre and is the place to visit if you want the sun sea and sand or to find a good seafood restaurant. Click to see photos of Barceloneta Beach.
Icària Beach
The next beach along from Barceloneta. It's quieter than Barceloneta beach and worth considering in the Summer months. Click to see photos of Icària Beach.
A monument in memorial of Christopher Columbus. Across the road from Colom is the Rambla de Mar and Port Vell which is a beautiful walk way across the marina. And if the sea view isn't enough, you'll also find the Maritime museum and Aquarium. Click for pictures of Colom and around.
El Born
A trendy up-and-coming area of Barcelona filled with interesting architecture, bars and restaurants. Click for photos around El Born.
Port Olimpic skyline
Dominated by the twin towers, one of which is the famous Arts hotel owned by the Ritz Carlton group. When you come here you'll have a view of the sea and Marina to welcome you. There are also dozens of restaurants and bars to relax in. Barceloneta and Icària beaches are just a few minutes walk from Port Olimpic. Click to see photos of Port Olimpic.
Plaça Espanya
Plaça Espanya is the starting point for visits to the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Museum Nacional d' Art de Catalunya and the Olympic stadium. Click to see photos around Plaça Espanya.
The Museu Nacional d' Art de Catalunya
This is defintely worth a visit if you're interested in seeing traditional Catalan art. However it's also worth visting just for the view that you will have of Barcelona city. The museum is at the top of a steep hill but there are external escalators along most of the route. Click to see photos around this area.
The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
The magic fountain of Montjuïc is an extravaganza of water acrobatics, light and music and is a must when you visit Barcelona. Click here for photos of the fountains
Antoni Gaudí's Park Güell
A wonderful spot to see Gaudí's creativity art work. Click to see photos around Güell Park
Estadi Olimpic
The Estadi Olimpic was the venue for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. Click to see photos around the stadium.
Antoni Gaudí's Casa Batlló
A colourful and creative building showing the genius and creativity of Gaudí. Click to see pictures of Casa Batlló.
Passeig de Gràcia
This is one of the main throughways in Barcelona. It's also at the heart of some of the best shopping in Barcelona along with 2 of Gaudí's creations La Pedrera and Casa Batlló. Click for photos along Passeig de Gràcia
Antoni Gaudí's La Pedrera
This was home to the Mila Family (first floor) and of other families renting apartments from the Mila Family. Today it's a museum to the great man himself. Click to see photos around La Pedrera
Plaça de St Jaume
A large picturesque square at the end of Calle Ferran. Go here on a Sunday afternoon to see the local people perform traditional Catalan folk dancing. Click to see pictures of Plaça St Jaume.
Rambla de Catalunya
It is a pedestranized walkway with dozens of cafes restaurants and shops. But remember not to get this road mixed up with the famous La Rambla. Click to see photos along Rambla de Catalunya
Click for photos around Catedral.
Parc de la Ciutadella
Click to see photo guide of Parc de la Ciutadella.
Click to see a photo guide around FC Barcelona Football club and museum. Camp Nou stadium

Table showing a quick reference guide to our Barcelona photo galleries linked to the Barcelona
map above. Click on any square to be taken directly to the photo Gallery - all listings are in alphabetical order.

Barri Gòtic -
Gothic Quarter
Barcelona FC Beach Barceloneta Beach - Icària
Calle Ferran Cathedral - (Catedral) Park Ciutadella Colon
El Born Gaudí -
Casa Batlló
Gaudí -
Park Güell
Gaudí -
La Pedrera (Casa Mila)
Gaudí -
La Sagrada Familia
Montjuïc Magic Fountain of Montjuïc Olympic Stadium
Passeig de Gràcia Plaça Espanya Plaça de Jaume Plaça Reial
Plaça de Catalunya Port Olimpico Rambla de Catalunya La Rambla -
(Las Ramblas)

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Barcelona Map and Barcelona Metro system.

Below we have also included a table showing the Barcelona Barrios (neighbourhoods) and the areas within each barrio. This table will show you which Barrios are in our Barcelona map above.

Barcelona Barrios Table -Showing the Zones within each Barrio Location.

Ciutat Vella
Sants - Montjuïc
Les Corts
Sarria - Sant Gervasi
Horta - Guinardo
Nou Barris
Sant Andreau
Sant Marti
Barceloneta Fortpienc Zona França Lets Corts Sarria El Coll Baix Guinardo Vallbona Congres Poblenou
Casc Antic Sagrada Familia

Poble Sec

Sant Ramon Sant Gervasi Gràcia Can Baro Ciutat Meridianan Sagrera Camp de l'Arpa
Barri Gotic Sant Antoni La Bordeta Zona Universitaria Vallvidrera Els Penitents Font d' en Fargues Torre Baro Camp de l' Arpa La Veneda
Raval Dreta Eixample Hostafrancs Pedralbes Les Planes Vallcarca Carmel Trinitat Nova Els Indians El Besos
Esquerra Eixample Sants Bonanova La Salut Teixonera Roquetes Baro de Viver Fortpienc
Tres Torres Camp d'en Grassot La Clota Poligon Canyelles Bon Pastor Vila Olimpica
Horta La Guineaueta Trinitat Vella Clot
Parc de La Ball d' Hebron Verdum Sant Andreu
Montbau Prosperitat Fabra i Puig
Sant Genis Porta Virrei Amat
Ramon Albo
Turo De La Peira
Torre Llobeta

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