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Issue #18 "New Year's in Barcelona"

Decebmer 2006


In this month's edition of Barcelona Travel we have put together some useful information resources for those planning to visit Barcelona for the New Year's holiday period. You will find out what's on, what is open, restaurants to go to and some links to pictures of Barcelona taken during the Christmas period.

The All New Way To Find Your Ideal Barcelona Hotel

But first, if you are looking to find your ideal hotel in Barcelona but don't know where to start looking, we have created a new and easy system to find all the information you need.

We've created a series of hotel maps that cover the whole of Barcelona city centre and linked each hotel location to our reviews of each hotel.

Now you can see precisely where a hotel is on a map of Barcelona city along with a review of each neighbourhood in which the hotel is based.

All you need to do is click on a neighbourhood on the hotel map to have an expanded view of that area. Then click on the hotel to read a full review of that hotel.

Barcelona hotel map

La Rambla hotels on the hotel map

New Year Holiday in Barcelona

When it comes to the end of the Christmas period there are generally two types of people. People who loved Christmas and people who found it a little demanding.

Either way many people finish Christmas in need of a break.

My suggestion is why not escape the end of Christmas holiday blues and book a flight over to Barcelona for New Year's.

It is quite mild here in Barcelona at the moment. Right now it is around 13 C and the sun has been out. This is mild weather considering we're in the middle of Winter.

The New Year's period is also classed as "off-peak" season so you could find some special deals on hotels offering low cost rooms during this time and since it is the New Year's period there are a lot of exciting activities going on in the city.

New Year's Events / Transport

The town council have created a series of special reports for all those visiting the city for the New Year's celebrations. Visit the link below to read these articles on all aspects of the New Year's celebrations including events, transport etc.

Barcelona town council articles for New Year's.

What attractions are open during New Year's?

We often receive enquiries from site visitors asking what will be open during the Christmas period. For these types of enquiries we advise it is best to visit directly the official websites for each attraction because that is where you will receive the most up to date information along with any last minute news on events that are happening.

To help you find the precise pages with the opening hours of the main Barcelona attractions we have put together a new page that has links to the operating hours for each attraction.

Now it's just a couple of clicks to find out what's open and what's not.

Barcelona Attraction Opening hours.

Restaurants Open During New Year

I recommend that you check the links to the official restaurant sites of these restaurants to see if there has been any last minute changes to their operating hours.

Restaurants open during New Year's

Events During The Christmas Period in Barcelona.

There will dozens of events on during the New Year's period from shows, music and late night celebrations. To find an event that meets your tastes I recommend that you use the Barcelona town council events database that has a comprehensive list of all that is going on during the New Year period.

How to use the town council database to look up the events that are occurring over the New Year period.

Pictures of Christmas in Barcelona

I took a few pictures around Barcelona town centre during Christmas and created a small photo album of the Christmas lights in the town centre.

Pictures of Barcelona town centre during Christmas

Site Visitor Reviews

We've had quite a number of site visitors sending in reviews for both restaurants and hotels. Thanks to everyone that sent in reviews. This is what helps to make our site special.

Remember if you have not sent us a review yet we have provided a link to do so below.

Site visitor restaurant reviews

Site visitor hotel reviews

Send us your reviews

Pictures of September's La Mercè Festival

As promised in the last edition of Barcelona Travel I would post up some photos of the La Mercè festival that occurs in September of each year. As promised here is the link:

Pictures of Barcelona Mercè Festival

Finding Your Barcelona Accommodation

If you haven't arranged your accommodation in Barcelona yet make sure to read our articles on finding and booking your Barcelona accommodation.

Holiday apartments in Barcelona

Guide to Holiday apartment rental in Barcelona

Advice on where to stay from an apartment rental specialist in Barcelona

Tips on the best locations for accommodation from an Apartment rental specialist in Barcelona

Barcelona Hotel Hostal and Pension - Knowing the difference will save you money

How to choose the right accommodation in Barcelona

Hotel reservations

Weather updates live from Barcelona

Visit our weather page to see the current weather conditions and for a 5 day weather forecast.

Click the link below to go to our weather reports

Weather report for Barcelona Spain

Back issues of Barcelona Travel

That's it for this Edition of Barcelona Travel - see you soon with the next edition.

Hasta Luego


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