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Barcelona City Pass: Jump The Queue Entry Tickets Delivered Direct To Your Mobile

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The City Pass is your solution to jumping the long entrance queues in Barcelona.

The Barcelona City Pass gives you skip the queue tickets for Barcelona's top attractions and sightseeing bus delivered directly to your phone.

These are the top things that visitors want when visiting Barcelona conveniently all in one digital pass sent directly to your smarphone.

No printing vouchers, no visiting tourist offices to pick up tickets, and no standing in long, entrance queues to attractions. The best of Barcelona in your pocket.

This is what you get with your City Pass

FREE: Gaudí's Sagrada Família skip the queue entrance tickets.
The full ticket price to Barcelona's No.1 most visited tourist attraction Sagrada Família is included with the City Pass. Avoid the long queues that can be up to 2 hours long with these skip the queue entrance tickets.

FREE: Gaudí's Park Güell skip the queue tickets.
Full ticket price is included for Barcelona's most famous park. You will also have access to the famous paid Monumental area of Park Güell for which tickets are needed, in addition to the free-acccess area of Park Güell.

FREE: Hop off sightseeing bus tickets.
Full ticket price for the Bus Turistic is included. The tourist bus enables you and easy way to see all Barcelona's top attractions, without you having to do any planning. Organized routes around the city mean you won't miss a thing. You can jump off the bus and see any attraction then jump on the next bus. No planning required. The bus includes free audio commentary guide to the city and free onboard Wi-Fi.
Open tickets - no need to specify the time or date you can use any day or time during your holiday.

FREE: Aerobus Airport Express Bus tickets.

FREE: audio guides to Sagrada Família and to Park Güell. Make the most of your visits to Sagrada Família and Park Güell with these in-depth audio guides. Simply download them to your mobile phone and play them to learn about these famous attractions.

FREE: Smartphone tickets: No need to print out vouchers and tickets sent directly to your phone via email. No printing required and no visiting tourist offices.

FREE: 10% discount coupon that you can use to get 10% discount on other Barcelona entrance tickets. The discount coupon is sent to your phone after you order the City Pass. You will also be sent a special booking link where you can make further bookings and use your coupon to get the 10% discount off the standard at the door price.

In order to receive the 10% discount you simply book the additional tickets using the special booking link sent to you via email after you order the City Pass, then redeem your 10% discount coupon to get the 10% saving when you make your booking for further attraction tickets.

Why are "skip the line" tickets important in Barcelona?

Queues at some attractions in Barcelona e.g. the Sagrada Família can be up to 2 hours long but if you have the City Pass "Jump the Queue" tickets you can walk right to the front of the queue and save hours of queuing time.

You will completely avoid these queues at the Sagrada Família with the City Pass. Save 2 hours in a queue when on holiday. The full entrance tickets price to the Sagrada Família is included FREE with the City Pass, plus you get a free audio guide to help you make more of your visit.

What makes the City Pass different?

Unlike some other tourist cards that only give you a discount on the entrance ticket, the City Pass actually includes the full entrance ticket for each attraction included in the pass. This means you do not need to pay out more money at the attraction. It also means less queuing since you've already bought the full ticket for the attractions, and that means you can walk straight through the express internet ticket entrances at each attraction.

With other discount cards you could be paying for discounts to attractions you may never visit, and the full cost of the entrance tickets may not be included in the card.

The City Pass includes skip the queue tickets to the Sagrada Família (the giant Basilica) and Park Güell, both designed by Gaudí both of which are Barcelona's top attractions.

The City Pass tickets are E-Tickets (Electronic tickets), and these are delivered to you by email. You do not need to print out the tickets or visit an office to redeem your tickets as you may have to with other discount cards. You present the E-Tickets on your phone at the express entry entrance for each attraction.

Included: Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus

The hop on hop off sightseeing bus tickets are also included in the City Pass. The sightseeing bus follows specific routes around the city and has stops at all the main Barcelona tourist attractions. You can then hop off, visit an attraction and then hop back on to the next bus. The audio guide is available in 16 languages.

The hop on hop off sightseeing bus.
The Hop on Hop Off Sightseeing bus. The easy way to get around to see Barcelona's attractions. The tickets are included FREE with the City Pass


Bonuses included with the City Pass

Included: Free Audio Guides of Sagrada Família and Park Güell

After you order your Barcelona City Pass you will be sent download links for two free audio guides, one for the Sagrada Família, and the other for Park Güell. These audio guides will add a whole new dimension of appreciation when visiting the attractions. You will need your mobile phone and your earphones on the day in order to listen to the guides.

Included: 10% discount coupon for further tickets ordered

In addition you will also be sent a 10% discount coupon that you can use to order additional entrance tickets to other of Barcelona's main attractions. After you order the City Pass you will be sent a discount coupon along with a link to a special booking page where you can order more tickets and redeem your coupon giving you the 10% off the price.

Summary of what you get with the City Pass

In summary, the City Pass includes the most essential tickets that visitors to Barcelona need, sent to you by email. Just take your mobile with you on the day, go to the express entrances and show the tickets on your mobile, alternatively if you don't have a mobile you can just print out the tickets and take them with you.

Frequently asked questions about the Barcelona City Pass

Q: What are the advantages of the City Pass over other discount cards ?

A: There are several advantages of the City Pass over other physical discount cards. One big advantage is that you receive the City Pass via email. Unlike with many other discount cards purchased online where you would need to print out your booking voucher and take it to an office to redeem it. This all takes time also if the office is closed you will not be able to obtain your discount card until the office opens.

With the City Pass you do not need to print out your tickets. Shortly after ordering you are sent your City Pass to you by email. You can use it right away directly from your mobile.

Q: Do we have to visit an office in Barcelona to pick up the City Pass?

A: No, the City Pass is sent directly to you via email. You need to show the tickets on your phone at the entrances.

Q: Is the City Pass a physical card?

A: The City Pass is not a physical card. It is an "E-Ticket" meaning that the tickets are electronic tickets and sent to you via email. You can then show the E-Pass tickets on your phone at the entrances. This way there is no printing of vouchers required, no need to find an office to redeem your vouchers, and you can go through the special skip the queue entrances.

Q: Do we have to print out the entrance tickets and bring them with us?

A: No print outs are not required with the City Pass. Show the tickets on your mobile phone at the entrance.

Q: Once I've ordered the City Pass online how long does it take for me to receive it via email on my phone?

A: There are two stages to receiving the City Pass. Immediately after your order, you will be sent an email confirming your order and requesting that you select the times you wish to visit the Sagrada Família.

10% discount coupon questions
The City Pass includes a special discount coupon that you can use to order other entrance tickets at a 10% discount online.

Q: How do I get the 10% discount coupon bonus?

A: The 10% discount coupon is sent to you by email immediately after ordering the City Pass. You will also be sent a special booking page link where you can order further tickets online. You will save 10% off the regular, "at the door" prices of tickets by applying your discount coupon to your order.

Q: Can I use the discount coupon directly at the venue itself to get 10% off?

A: No, the 10% discount coupon can only be used to order further entrance tickets online at the special booking page link sent to you after you order the City Pass.

Q: Can I share my discount coupon with other people?

A: The discount coupon is valid for the person that ordered the City Pass and tickets they order for their group, friends or family that will be travelling with them.

Q: What do I do if I don't receive my City Pass via email?

A: Firstly this is very rare. You would normally receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of submitting your order. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 30 minutes please first check your Junk / Spam folder. Sometimes email programs accidentally misfile your City Pass email in the "Junk" or "Trash" folder. Carefully check for your City Pass email in those folders first. If you can't find the City Pass confirmation email in your Junk / Spam folders then you would need to contact customer support for assistance.

Q: When I use the 10% discount coupon to order additional entrance tickets how do I get those tickets and how do I use them?

A: Your additional tickets would be sent to your phone via email. You just need to show the E-tickets on your phone at the entrance to the attraction or transport.

Q: How do I use my City Pass if I don't have a smart phone?

A: If you do not have a smartphone you can always print out the coupons and bring them with you.

Q: How can I contact customer support?

A: City Pass Customer Services Email:


The City Pass includes express entry tickets for the 2 top attractions that most visitors to Barcelona want to see which are Sagrada Família and Park Güell. The City Pass also includes tickets for the hop on hop off bus sightseeing bus. All the tickets are delivered via email immediately after ordering. You also benefit from a 10% discount coupon off the "at the door price" of many other top attractions when ordered through the special booking link that is sent to you after you order your City Pass. You also receive 2 free audio guides you can play on your smartphone, one for Sagrada Família and the other for Park Güell.

The City pass offers you a convenient way for visitors to Barcelona to get the essentials covered all delivered directly to you via email saving you time.

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