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Property for sale in Barcelona - How To Research The Barcelona Real Estate Market From Your Home.

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On this page I will guide you through some online resources to help you identify property for sale in Barcelona that meets your needs and budget.

How to determine the average price per square metre for a property in Barcelona.

Knowing the average square metre price for a property will enable you to set a benchmark figure for all your other searches. Once you know this value for each property, you can make realistic comparisons between different properties.

The first useful online resource is a website called Idealista. This website not only has a large list of property for sale in Barcelona but also has lists of properties across the rest of Spain. When you arrive at the home page of the website, click on the language flag that is relevant for you. This way, you will have the results displayed in your own native language. Next, click on the links for Barcelona and navigate to the search page. You will see a large list of properties for sale in Barcelona (currently around 17,000 properties).

The website gives pictures of the property, address, the area property is based in, the floor it is on, numbers of bedrooms, square meters of the apartment the asking price in euros and the euro/m2 price. The euro/m2 price is a useful guideline to compare different properties and can give you an indication of the property you are interested in is a potential bargain or not. You can also sort the columns by clicking on the top column text. For example, if you are interested to see the properties listed by euro/m2 price you click on that column heading.

Searching for property for Sale in Barcelona

The next stage is to use the website to look for properties in the neighbourhood that interests you.

Our Insider Tip

Select the Search by Map" option instead of the search by "Search by Municipality" if you want to see properties for sale in Barcelona by area. You can then start to get a feel for what the types of properties are like for a given area."

Real Estate Agents in Barcelona

Another useful online resource is the Tecnocasa website. Tecnocasa is a Spanish real estate agent that have branches around Barcelona city centre in each of the neighbourhoods. Not all of the Tecnocasa inventory is on their website; however, they have a good selection that will help you get started. I found that it was best to actually go to the branches of the real estate agents that were based in the areas that I was interested in buying property because the inventory for each agency deals specifically with the area in which it is based. Here is the Tecnocasa website:

Finding property for sale in Barcelona with an estate agency

How to see photos of the streets and surrounding area in which your property is based.

One really useful website that helped me see at a glance what the area was like where the real estate was based was a to use a service called QDQ. This website has photos of practically every street in Barcelona. You can type in the street name and the property number, and it will show you a picture of the property and the surrounding street. This feature is particularly useful and will enable you to say if there are any obvious characteristics of the street or building that you are either interested in or do not wish to have.

How to access the QDQ Barcelona street photos

When you arrive at the QDQ website click on the language flag to have the information presented in your mother tongue. Then click on the link for the photos of cities. After this select "Barcelona" from the drop-down list and type in the name of the street you are interested in along with the property number.

How to Find Amenities Around The Property for Sale in Barcelona

Barcelona town council has an interactive street map which will show you the exact locations of any street in the city. You can also use the map to look up facilities that are close to your prospective property, for example, the nearest metro station. If you use this in conjunction with the QDQ photo guide, you will have a pretty good idea of what the area is like before you even visit your prospective real estate property.

Barcelona town council interactive street map

Now you have a pretty good idea of the locations you wish to choose your real estate, and with the above resources you will also be able to look up what the street and property look like along with finding out what amenities are available around your prospective property.

Professional assistance when purchasing a property in Barcelona

If this is your first time purchase in Barcelona, or if you are intending to purchase a property from oversees and you would like assistance in your own language we can recommend Barcelona Tax who can help you. They are a multilingual business tax lawyers, accountants and advising specialists that can guide you through the entire process of buying a property in Barcelona. They currently can offer assistance in English, Spanish, French, and Catalan.

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Tax Barcelona will make every stage of the buying process, simple and straight forward.

If you prefer to take care of your property purchase yourself, you might feel more confident if you have a good command of real estate vocabulary. Taking an immersion Spanish course, regular small-group lessons or private Spanish lessons might be a good idea.

Part 3 Next how to work with a Barcelona Real Estate Agent: I will show you how actually visit some of properties for sale in Barcelona and how to work with the estate agent and your own solicitor firm.

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