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Barcelona 7 Puertas

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Restaurant Name: 7 Puertas
Restaurant Address/Location: Passeig d'Isabel II 14
Barcelona, España

Tel: +34 93 319 3033

Metro: Barceloneta (underground (Yellow Line, L4)

Restaurant Type: Spanish/Catalan
Food Quality Rating: Poor
Service: Forget it!
Price for average meal: Average (€20.00 - €29.00)
Ambiance Type: Traditional Spanish Highclass

Review by: Rainer Stankewit - Germany
Date: April 2004
E-mail: anonymous

After having made the reservation long beforehand, we were nevertheless asked to queue outside. Only after insisting we were led to our table which looked to be well situated, but proved to be much too small for the nine of us. Long waiting periods followed before orders could be made and wines and aperitifs were brought. The young, inexperienced waiter for the table was not able to attend to wines and bread at all and had to be asked several times.

The waitress, who took down the orders forgot meals and mixed up others. Later meals were brought lukewarm, raw, or not at all. Orders not having been made were forced onto a guest. Only after freshening up her memory the waitress excused and compensation was offered. Yet our demand of talking to the Chef du Rang was replied to with the remark that he was not able to speak any English.

We left the restaurant disappointed, without desserts, coffees or digestives.

An evening which had been supposed to be the highlight of an incentive-trip to Barcelona had ended in a complete and utter disaster.

Our Insider Tip

There are so many good restaurants in Barcelona. do not wait for the Seven Doors (7 Puertas), take the door to the Los Caracoles, for example.

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