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Casa Leopoldo Restaurant Barcelona

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This review of the Casa Leopoldo restaurant was submitted by Louise, from the UK.

Casa Leopoldo
Calle Rafael, 24
Barcelona, España.

Metro: Liceu (Green Line, L3) 15 minutes walk from metro.

Casa Leopoldo is an unpretentious restaurant in a seedy part of the Raval district, one you wouldn't stumble across on your typical tour of Barcelona. It serves excellent food, though at a price, in pleasant, tiled dining rooms which were full on our visit.

Marinated olives were served as a matter of course and the waiter persuaded us to order a portion of the delicious tomato and garlic bread oozing with olive oil. We did resist the fish of the day having read reports that it could seriously inflate the bill.

We were really impressed with the fabulous starters: scrambled eggs with asparagus and prawns and baby broad beans sautéed with black pudding and wild mushrooms.

Perhaps it was because we were full (after two days of feasting on fantastic food) the main courses although good, weren't the most memorable. We had grilled Angler fish and hake (a little plain) and a plateful of Chipirones ( baby squid) which although tasty we have tasted better.

Price for two
Starters, main courses and wine: €80.00

Restaurant Ratings:

Food: 9/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Service: 10/10
Value for money: 7/10

Note From the Editor

Thanks Louise for that review. I would just like to add that there are two quite different routes to get to Casa Leopoldo's by foot these are.

Dodgy route
The first is the "dodgy way" i.e. not highly recommended at night time unless you are comfortable with the area and have had some experience of Barcelona. You will also be likely to be confronted with prostitutes on this route. Walk along Ramblas to Carrer de Sant Pau then take a right turn onto Calle Robador then left onto Sant Rafael and walk to no 24.

The safer route
Walk along the Ramblas and turn onto Calle Hospital and continue for about 5 minutes and then turn left onto Calle de Cadena and then turn left onto Calle Sant Rafael and walk to No. 24.

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