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Italianos Restaurant / Site Visitor Recommendation

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Thanks to Karen Beehan from Canada for sending in this restaurant review.

Restaurant name: Italianos
Restaurant address: Ronda Sant Pau
08015, Barcelona, España

Reviewer's Name: Karen Beehan
Country: Canada
Review Submitted: 13 August 2005

Restaurant rating: Superb
Service: Superb
Price: (€10.00 - €19.00)

Editor's note this restaurant is in the Raval area. Take care visiting this area of Barcelona especially at night.

Site Visitor Review of Italianos Restaurant

We happened upon this restaurant our first nite in Barcelona and 8 of us enjoyed not only our meal, but the service, food variety and professional yet friendly service.

We were English speaking Canadians and this was our first night in Europe and we were impressed with the effort to help us understand the menu.

We loved the food so much, the next night we returned, bringing 4 more people with us. We looked for other places to eat and were always drawn back to this same restaurant for our 5 nights in Barcelona.

You might wonder why? It was because of the wonderful service, wide variety of local food and their personal attendance we were given, to ensure we enjoyed our food.

Our best night was when we arrived and the owner told us to sit, he would serve us a meal, without out placing an order. He prepared tapas, meat trays, cheese trays, breads & the ever popular oil & vinegar for dipping. 12 of us enjoyed the wide variety and chance to taste many different foods.

When I return to Barcelona, I will be going back here for my meals. If you want true home cooked local cuisine, make the effort, it's worth it.

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