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Review: Attic Restaurant Overlooking Las Ramblas

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Attic Restaurant
Attic Restaurant

Attic is a restaurant that is often cited as the place to go for tourists looking for somewhere special to eat in Barcelona. I went to check it out to see whether it lives up to its reputation. Located directly on the Ramblas, it is a first floor restaurant with large windows overlooking the busy street. It also has a summer terrace area that overlooks the Ramblas and offers al fresco dining right in the centre of Barcelona. The food is Mediterranean cuisine and it is served in a reasonably formal setting.

This page will provide a full review of the restaurant, covering food, décor and service. It also provides booking instructions and practical information on the services, menu and payment methods.

The food at Attic Restaurant

The Food at Attic Restaurant
The Food at Attic Restaurant

The food at Attic is all about style. Well-sculpted dishes are served on large white plates that are pleasing on the eye. The style of the food is generally Mediterranean.

My friend and I ordered from one of the fixed price group menus that was available. For starter we were served a tower of tomato and mozzarella with pesto, pine nuts and rocket. The dish had an impressively modern style - piled red tomatoes on a plate that was dotted with vibrant green pesto. The classic combination of flavours guaranteed that the starter was a success. However, the tomatoes looked as though they might have been sitting out for some time.

For our main we shared a breast of duck served with a savoury apple tart tatin and a prawn skewer served with rice and a potato foam. These dishes were, perhaps, the most disappointing of the meal. The duck was overcooked and tough, however the tatin was buttery and well made. The prawn skewers had a watery finish, suggested that they had been frozen - such a shame when the restaurant sits opposite Europe's best fresh fish market. Also, it seemed incongruous to have both rice and potato as sides on the plate.

The chocolate dessert was always guaranteed to be a success - thick and lusciously dark chocolate truffle pyramids with a gooey caramel centre. They also appeared to have been frozen, rather than freshly prepared by the chefs. However, that could almost be forgiven in a dessert with such an impressive cocoa content.

The décor

The Interior at Attic Restaurant
The Interior at Attic Restaurant

Attic Restaurant's décor is one of its biggest draws. Located at the centre of the Ramblas, its floor to ceiling windows provide ample opportunity for people watching during the meal. The furnishings are tasteful and modern - there are white leather seats, crisp white tablecloths, dim lights and textured wooden partitions. The restaurant is large - giving it an open and airy atmosphere.

During the summer months it is also possible to sit outside in the terrace area which is on the floor above the indoor restaurant. This offers views of the Ramblas and beyond in a romantic setting. There is wooden decking, white canopies and orange trees dotted around the space. The terrace is also flanked by two grand old historic buildings, whose columns and high walls provide a regal setting for lunch or dinner.

The service

The service at Attic is impressive - waiters are polite, informative and enthusiastic about what is on offer. Being a tourist restaurant, they can generally communicate in a variety of languages. However, when we were there, the waiter was encouraging and patient in allowing us to try out our basic Spanish on him. The staff, who are dressed in crisp white suits will ensure that your glass is never empty and that you will not need to wait long to order extra bread or another bottle of wine. The table is cleaned and de-crumbed fully between each course and you can ask as many questions as you like about the food.

In a nutshell

Attic restaurant may not necessarily appeal to the foodies amongst us - with emphasis often placed on the look rather than the taste of the dishes. However, what Attic lacks in strong flavours, it makes up for in sense of occasion. For an affordable price (see average prices below) you can enjoy a meal in glamorous surroundings overlooking Barcelona's most famous street. The waiters will make you feel special and the services are tourist-friendly. Large spaces and private rooms ensure that the restaurant is perfectly equipped to deal with large groups. Head to Attic if you're after somewhere special that won't break the bank.

Tip It is worth contacting Attic restaurant ahead of your trip to find out about their group menus. The restaurant are well-versed in dealing with larger groups and offer a wide variety of group menu options. These can often work out a lot cheaper than eating from the a la carte menu. Call them and ask them to e-mail you the group menus.

Attic Restaurant
Rambla dels Estudis, 120
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 467 7044

Basic facts about Attic Restaurant:


Are there vegetarian options?
- Yes , there are vegetarian options. These include salads, soups and scrambled eggs.

What is the genre of the restaurant?
- A restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine.

Is take away available?
- Yes, take away is available on request. However, there is no delivery.

Is there a menu del dia?
- No, there is no menu del dia.

Is there a kids menu?
- No, there is no specific children's menu.


Parking: Does the restaurant have private parking?
- The restaurant has no private parking.

Handicapped access and facilities: Disabled toilet? Disabled access to all areas?
- There is disabled access to all areas of the restaurant, including a ramp to the toilet area. There is also a disabled toilet.

Family friendly facilities - do they have a high chair for children?
- Yes, the restaurant can provide high chairs for children.
What is the policy for children in the restaurant - what age groups?
- Children of all ages are welcome in the restaurant.

Opening times

Are they open at Christmas/ Fiestas?
- For details of the holiday opening hours, call the restaurant directly on the number provided above. Special private rooms are available for these periods.


What is the capacity for group bookings?
- The restaurant has a capacity of 260 people for group bookings.

How is a group booking made? Is this different from single bookings?
- Group bookings can be made by calling the restaurant
Tel: +34 93 467 7044

What is the capacity of the restaurant?
- The restaurant has a capacity of 260 people.

Recommendations on making a booking? How far ahead need to book?
- It is best to book in advance for both lunch and dinner (this can be done on the day of the meal). However, it is a big restaurant, so if you do not have a booking, it is still worth turning up to see if they have any tables free.

Any nights with additional entertainment?
- There are currently no evenings with entertainment scheduled.


Payment options:
Credit card? - Yes
Visa? - Yes
American express? - Yes


Does the restaurant manager have any tips on how to get the most from the restaurant? Good times to come? Any restaurant specialities?

- In the summer months, you can make the most of Attic's central setting by eating in the new 'Chill Out' terrace. This will offer views of the Ramblas.

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