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Barcelona's Los Caracoles Restaurant

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Restaurant Los Caracoles
Carrer Escudellers, 14
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 301 2041

Los Caracoles main entrance
Los Caracoles main entrance

Los Caracoles which means "The Snails" is a popular restaurant in Barcelona that has to a large degree been "discovered" by the tourists. You can spot the restaurant right away as it has a spit grill in the main entrance window roasting chickens and other meats. The restaurant was named after its specialty however if you don't find this type of food to your tasting don't worry as they offer a wide variety of seafoods and roasted meat dishes with accompanying side dishes and salads.

Los Caracoles - Chef's Kitchen
Los Caracoles - Chef's Kitchen

Inside Los Caracoles you will enjoy an interesting and distinct atmosphere. As you enter through the main entrance you will see the cooks preparing the food. This is always a good sign that the food will be of a high standard. The chefs are proud of their culinary skills and they want to show you they have nothing to hide.

Inside the restaurant you have 2 floors. The ground floor which has a bar at the front, followed by the cooks area and then the restaurant tables further back. The restaurant walls are adorned by photos of famous people that have dined there. Whilst cured hams hang from the ceiling. All in all you will dine in an interesting and historic restaurant that adds to the dining experience.

Dining area of Los Caracoles in Barcelona
Dining area of Los Caracoles in Barcelona

I visited Los Caracoles with my brother and we found the food and the service to be of a good standard. The price of the meal was a little above average for a good restaurant in Barcelona. As an example I ordered a Green Salad starter, grilled Lenguardo (Lemon Sole) for the main course and Creme Catalan as dessert with an espresso coffee to finish off. We also ordered a bottle of still water and basket of bread. This came to a total of €35.00 excluding VAT per person.

I have to say that I was a little taken aback by the forward nature of the waiter that presented us with the cheque and then asked us directly if we would also like to leave an additional tip. The meal was quite expensive (for Barcelona) and leaving a tip is not customary here. I realised then that this restaurant is popular with tourists and the attitude of the waiters can be a little too forward at times. We left a small tip but next time I would be inclined to refuse unless we had exceptional service.

All in all you get good food with an interesting atmospheric - worth a visit if you like sea food or roasted meats.

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