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Site Visitor Review: Attic Restaurant

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Restaurant Name: Attic
Restaurant Address/Location: Las Ramblas, 120
08002 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 467 7044
metroMetro: Liceu underground (Green Line, L3)

Reviewer's Name: Karin
Country: Netherlands

Restaurant type: Spanish / European
Food rating: 1/10
Service: 6/10
Price: Average (€20.00 - €29.00)

Ambiance: Nice

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

We have had big expectations when we have entered this restaurant. The ambiance was stylish. The plates seemed to be nice, but it tasted terrible. We've ordered a pasta salad for starters, but it was tasteless and rather oily. The main course wasn't any better. No vegetables, mashed potatoes with truffle sauce, (we couldn't find the taste of truffle). Lumbs in the teriyaki sauce. (Instant teriyaki sauce!) How can you serve instant stuff in a quality restaurant? I've read the other reviews but they've been written serveral years ago. I believe it was a nice restaurant in that time. Several years later it isn't that good a restaurant at least from our experience. Maybe when they will add some taste and fresh ingredients, the good reviews will appear again.

Reviewer's Name: Mark Allen
Country: Northern Ireland

Restaurant type: Wine Bar / Spanish
Food rating: 9/10
Service: 10/10
Price: Average (€20.00 - €29.00)

Ambiance: Nice and friendly with well dressed clients.

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

Very good food and you must book a day in advance. No complaints other than when they offered us a slice of bread at the start as some other restaurants do they did not say they charged for it. At €2.00 for a thin slice of bread it was a disgrace. We have been there before and rushed back but the charge for the bread was awful.

Reviewer's Name: Betty
Country: USA

Restaurant type: Spanish
Food rating: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Price: Above average (€30.00 - €50.00)

Ambiance: Excellent

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

If you are looking for a fancy restaurant with excellent atmosphere in the middle of the most crowded part of Barcelona - La Rambla, Attic is the place to go. My daughters and I really enjoyed the meal, the waiters are courteous and it was fun looking the La Rambla Street below. They have a large selection of wine that usually goes by bottles. One thing that I am a bit turned off is that they charge for bread (€3.00 for a small piece - that's a rip off) that they offer before the meal. Other than that, this was a good dinning experience for us.

Reviewer's Name: Lara
Country: England

Restaurant type: European
Food rating: 2/10
Service: 5/10
Price: Above average (€30.00 - €50.00)


Good surroundings, tasteful decor, nice style.

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend who had recently been to Barcelona. Found the restaurant and decided to check it out on the last night of a romantic weekend break. I cannot express the level of disappointment in the main course. The lamb shank was dry, I think an attempt had been made to add moisture by some sort of gravy but all this did was remind me of how little taste the meat had. The couscous was ok but was supposed to be accompanied by roast vegetables; it was not (unless the flecks of red and green in the couscous represented veg.). My partner had oxtail with fries (not what I would have expected to accompany oxtail but nonetheless we gave it a try). Equally bland meat with a mountain of Luke-warm chip-stick looking things. Again disappointing. As we were leaving we heard the low rumblings of other dissatisfied customers (it's a pity we didn't hear them on our way in). Even the waiter didn't bother to ask if we'd enjoyed our meal.

Reviewer's Name: Di Carbutt
Country: England

Restaurant type: Spanish
Food rating: 9/10
Service: 6/10
Price: Average (€20.00 - €29.00)

Ambiance: Chic, Modern, Fantastic

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

If you're looking for a meal out in a modern, chic setting, this is the place for you. We wanted a place for a special 'little black dress' night for 10 girls. Not taking advanced bookings, we were advised to arrive around 19:30 to get a table and we did, not a problem. The food, surroundings, ambience were great. The service, however, was a little disappointing; the waiters were slow and not that attentive. Recommended for a romantic evening for two or a well behaved group - not a place for rowdy parties. Try the green cheese dessert, it's lush.

Tip By 23:00 people were queing down the stairs for a table. Get there earlier.

Reviewer's Name: Angela
Country: Ferguson, UK

Restaurant Type: Fusion of different cuisines
Food Quality Rating: Superb
Service: Superb

Ambiance: Fabulous.

Site Visitor Review of Attic Restaurant

With a party of 14 girls, it was going to be a struggle to please everyone, but this restaurant surpassed all expectations. Seated in the 'glass room' on the roof we were away from other more intimate diners but has the benefit of the sky line. The medallions of beef were excellent as was the fish - of which most of our party indulged in. The starters wonderful and the desserts too large and waist-line increasing to finish - alcohol consumption prohibits further description other than to thoroughly recommend.

Tip Ideal for hen parties.

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