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Site Visitor Review: Classic Gòtic Restaurant Barcelona

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Reviewer's Name: Margaret Burton
Country: US
Review Submitted: 26 March 2006

Restaurant type: Mediterranean
Restaurant rating: Superb
Service: Superb
Price: Above Average (€30.00 - €50.00)
Ambiance: Old town Barcelona

Site Visitor Review of Classic Gòtic Restaurant in Barcelona

This restaurant in the ancient quarter of the center, the first work shop of Pablo Picasso during his stay in Barcelona.The interior walls are stone with arches and Catalan vaults, the lighting is warm, wonderful art on the walls. The restroom is upstairs in one of the vaults, low ceiling.

We had wine, beer which were excellent. For starters we had breads, lightly breaded fried olives. Some of us had fish and some had pork, they both were tender and the sauces were the perfect complement. Desserts were tasty. Everything was exquisite.

Restaurant name: Classic Gotic
Restaurant address: Calle de La Plata, 3
08002 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4)

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