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Site Visitor Review: Euskel Etxea Restaurant

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Restaurant name: Euskal Etxea Restaurant
Restaurant address: C. de Montcada, 1-3
08003 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 310 2185
Metro: Jaume I (12 minutes walk from metro stop)

Reviewer's Name: Richie Lloyd
Country: UK, Chester
Review Submitted: 27 November 2006

Restaurant type: Catalan tapas
Food rating: 10/10
Service: 9/10
Price: Above average (€30.00 - €50.00)

Ambiance: busy and Spanish.

Site Visitor Review of Euskel Etxea Restaurant

Searched for this after reading a previous review and well worth it. You have to get to grips with your Spanish side here, being informal. Just ask for a plate and push your way to the bar and help yourself. Food was really good and staffs were warm and friendly. We perched on the edge of someone's table and ate a lot. 4 beers and quality food about €46.00 but then my other half can pack it away! Don't bother with touristy speed tapas, go here. And just around the corner on Carrer Banys Vells is a fun Spanish bar La Fianna where you can get a bollie for €4.00.

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