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Site Visitor Review: Limbo Restaurant

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Restaurant name: Limbo
Restaurant address:Carrer de la Mercè, 13
08002 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Jaume I (Yellow Line, L4)

Reviewer's Name: Damian Ward
Country: Spain
Review Submitted: 24 February 2008

Restaurant Type: Catalan - fusion
Food Quality Rating: 6/10
Service Rating: 2/10
Price: Above average (€30.00 - €50.00)

Ambiance: Modern / Young

Site Visitor Review of Limbo Restaurant

Saturday night booking for four at 22:00. The restaurant itself is nicely and subtly lit with ample space between tables. Greasy finger prints on my wine glass set alarm bells off to start. Too long to greet the table and take the order; 15 minutes. Too long to bring the wine: 20 minutes. Not all dishes served at the same time. Too much time between courses. Two requests for 2nd bottle of wine were ignored. i.e.: The wine didn't show up. First request for the bill was forgotten. One towel in the bathroom for communal hand wiping. General attitude from wait staff was not professional. For €20.00 per head I might have considered it fair. With wine, it came to €40.00 per head and frankly, in that league, LIMBO does not make the grade. The food was acceptable, not great. The service really let this place down. I would not recommend this restaurant. Total time in the restaurant almost 3 1/2 hours.

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