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Site Visitor Review: Organic Restaurant

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Restaurant name: Organic Restaurant
Restaurant address: Calle Junta de Comerc, 11
08001 Barcelona, España.

Reviewer's Name: Michael Spicer
Country: USA
Review Submitted: 08 June 2006

Restaurant type: Vegetarian
Food rating: 10/10
Service: 7/10
Price: Budget (€10.00 - €19.00)

Ambiance: Very casual and friendly

Site Visitor Review of Organic Restaurant

Behind the Boqueria Market near the Ramblas, don't miss the family-run vegetarian restaurant Organic. Creative entrees, fabulous salad bar, wonderfully friendly staff, and competitive prices (under €10.00 for lunch). Dinners are naturally priced higher than lunch and do not include the salad bar. If you'd prefer to eat and walk, or put together a picnic instead of a sit-down meal, don't miss Organic's food counter in the back of the nearby Boqueria Market.

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