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Site Visitor Review: Tapasbar Balmes Restaurant

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Restaurant name: Tapasbar Balmes Restaurant
Restaurant address: C.Balmes, 294
08006 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 209 8956

Reviewer's Name: Enric
Country: Spain
Review Submitted: 18 November 2006

Restaurant type: Tapas
Food rating: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Price: Budget (€10.00 - €19.00)

Ambiance: casual

Site Visitor Review of Tapasbar Balmes Restaurant

For those who are eager for tapas in a non-touristic but central location you can visit this restaurant where they have a wide range of tapas at an affordable price (tapas assortment and drink for €7.00). More affordable than eating at Las Ramblas. The place is a 5 minute walk from the disco district where you can find a wide range of pubs, bars and discos to have a fantastic night out. Otto Zutz and Get Back are close to the restaurant.

Our Insider Tip

Plaza Molina train station or Buses 16 and 17 takes you there.

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