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Marisc Co Restaurant in Barcelona: Review of a Seafood Restaurant in the City Centre of Barcelona, Spain

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The seafood selection at Marisc Co
The seafood selection at Marisc Co

Marisco Co is part of a new breed of Barcelona restaurants offering a unique approach to the seafood experience. The entire front section of the restaurant is filled with a large display of underwater creatures of all shapes and sizes - the type that you would normally expect to find at a local market. Beds of ice are piled with glistening mounds of crab, bright red fillets of raw tuna and lively lobsters in search of an escape route. The idea is that you choose your own fish, order it by weight and let the chef know how you want it to be cooked. This concept could only have been dreamt up by a true lover of seafood.

Marisc Co
Marisc Co

This page provides a full review of Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant: the sort of food on offer, the service provided, the décor of the restaurant, the prices and a map of the location of the restaurant.

The food at Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant

As explained by the helpful waiter who took our order, the emphasis at Marisc Co is on respect for the seafood. There is a simplicity to the food that is served that ensures that you can truly experience the freshness of the produce. There are few sauce options and no butter is used in the cooking.
Slightly confused by the concept of the restaurant we asked the waiter to help us to decide what to eat. He recommended that we start with a 'pica pica' (the Spaniard's favourite phrase to describe a selection of small plates of food to be shared). This should be followed either by a large piece of fish, such as tuna or monkfish or one of the seafood rices.

A selection of Pica Pica at Marisc Co
A selection of Pica Pica at Marisc Co

We began with plates of razor clams, prawns, sonsos (a small and seasonal fish that is eaten whole) and clams. All were prepared on the grill and were cooked just enough to ensure that they retained their seafood flavour. The prawns in particular were to die for - pillow soft and brimming with freshness.

The main course fish fillets came with sides of fried potatoes, a small salad and some fried shallots. The fish was fresh, but could perhaps have benefited from a little extra seasoning. The sides were slightly underwhelming - proving that Marisc Co's forte is definitely seafood. We regretted not trying the seafood rices of scampi or lobster, which both looked and smelt delicious.

Desserts are cooked on site - often a rarity in Barcelona kitchens - by the wife of the owner. The chocolate mousse was deliciously chocolatey and the coffee flan was small but punchy.

The décor at Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant

The décor at Marisc Co
The décor at Marisc Co

Marisc Co's décor is minimal and sleek. The walls and furniture are bright white and the room is dotted with black and white photos of fishermen and seafood. The menus are provided on large walls of blackboard, covered in writing in white chalk. The look is simple - not traditionally Spanish - but has been executed with class and style.

The service at Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant

It is clear that the staff at Marisc Co are proud of what they have to offer. Our waiter had a in-depth knowledge of both the food and the wine on the menu. A Barca match meant that the restaurant was quiet. However, there appeared to be enough staff to cope with a full restaurant - perhaps needed for a post-match rush. Food was served promptly and to a high standard.
The restaurant owner explained that their busiest times are at lunch, when it is not possible to reserve a table. If you plan on heading to Marisc Co it is worth getting there early to ensure that you don't have to queue.

In a nutshell

Marisc Co offers a rare opportunity to sample Barcelona's seafood at its best - it is fresh and cooked by professionals with a knowledge of their produce. The owner's boundless enthusiasm for fish is clear in the restaurant's every last detail - from the seafood displays right down to the pictures hanging on the walls. Located in uptown Barcelona, this is a classy spot with a well-heeled clientèle. But don't be fooled by the flashy décor - this is a down to earth restaurant with a genuine focus on the quality of the food.

How to get to Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona

Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.

Passeig de Gracia Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Diagonal Metro
Diagonal Metro
Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant Barcelona
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Prices at Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant

The menu at Marisc Co
The menu at Marisc Co

It is not always easy to judge the price of your meal at Marisc Co due to the fact that the majority of the food is charged by weight.
Here are some examples of the restaurant prices:

Gazpacho: €3.50
Hamburger: €5.50
Prawns: €3.90 (for 100 grams)
Monkfish or Tuna: €4.40 (for 100 grams)
Desserts: €2.90
Three course meal plus wine: €25.00

Marisc Co Seafood Restaurant

Marisc Co
Carrer Corsega, 272
08008 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 93 292 2816

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