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Barcelona Self Storage - Store any sized items for long term or short term storage.

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This page explains how you can store nearly any size item, for any amount of time using the services of a Barcelona Self Storage company. Perhaps you have a large item, e.g. a bike that cannot be stored in the traditional baggage storage facilities in Barcelona? In this case, you need to turn to a specialist self-storage company.

If you are relocating to Barcelona and need to store your house contents (or any large objects) then you should consider a Barcelona self-storage company. These companies have secured rooms which you can access 24 hours per day via security codes that are issued to you when you open your account. The storage spaces vary from small box sized locker to large rooms for entire house contents.

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The Barcelona self-storage companies I visited have advanced security systems installed to ensure the safety of your articles. You can also opt for additional insurance of your goods with the self-storage company if you wish for extra peace of mind.

Often a self-storage company will offer you free use of a transit van to transport your items from the storage company to your final destination. However, you will need to check with each storage company to ensure that they have this service. The complimentary transit van is handy saving you the extra cost and inconvenience of having to hire additional transport to move your goods to your final destination should you need to.

Our Insider Tip

Ensure to reserve the self storage company transit van well in advance of when you need it - it is often booked out for a week or two in advance.

Self Storage Barcelona - Experience from site visitor John from the USA who needed to store 3 bikes in Barcelona for two weeks.

We corresponded back in February about places to store bike boxes during our trip to the Pyrenees, here's my report.

We used City Self Storage, relatively close to the airport (although with the construction on the Gran Via, it proved to be hard to find) to store three bike boxes and the rear seat from our 9-passenger van.

We were delighted with the services. David, who runs the company, speaks good English and was helpful in making arrangements by e-mail and when we arrived. I suspect we also could have made arrangements with a hotel, but chose instead to head immediately toward Le Seu d'Urgell upon our arrival.

I'm enjoying your newsletter and my brief visit to Barcelona on this trip. I hope to come back when I can just spend time in Barcelona.

Thanks again for your help!

Self Storage Barcelona - A few companies to consider:

Here are the website addresses of two Self storage companies in Barcelona. Both of these companies are suitable for Barcelona removal storage.

City Self Storage

Blue Space Storage

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