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Currency converter - convert your currency into Euros with our live currency converter.

The currency in Spain is the Euro. You can use the currency converter below to convert Euros into your currency or vice versa. All rates are quoted live. The currency converter will give you a live update of the Euro exchange rate against all the major World currencies. e.g. to see what the Euro is compared to the Dollar or UK pound. The converter works with 80 major currencies and all information is continuously updated. Universal Currency Converter ®
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Money Advice

Before you travel to Barcelona we recommend that you have a number of means of payment and ensure that your money and goods are protected by a quality travel insurance policy.

We advise bringing travellers cheques, credit cards and about 2 days worth of Euros.

It's important to keep your different means of payment in separate locations on your person. Carry only the amount of money that you'll use in that day.

Barcelona has a petty theft problem and if your are unfortunate enough to have your bag or wallet stolen you'll need to have a back up means of payment to safeguard you.

Spanish auto banks will enable anyone with a visa-based card to withdraw cash from their home account. You can also withdraw cash using most switch cards.

Credit cards, including AMEX, are widely accepted in most of the high streets shops, restaurants and hotels. However many smaller restaurants and hostals still do not have credit card payment facilities.


Tipping is not a requirement. However if you had good service a 5% to 10% tip would be considered polite.

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