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vogue shop
Vogue shop

If you love to shop then you're going to love Barcelona. Barcelona Spain shopping offers around 35,000 shops. The city is also home to the famous 5 km shopping line. The shopping line stretches from the top of the Ramblas, through Plaça de Catalunya along Passeig de Gràcia and up Avenue Diagonal. Much of the shopping line is pedestrianised making it a pleasant experience to wander from shop to shop without worrying about traffic.

Along the Barcelona Spain shopping line you'll find a huge selection of shops including many of the big names like Versace, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Bally, Cartier and Calvin Klein H&M and Zara to name but a few.

You'll also find many high quality Spanish designer shops supplying a dizzy array of clothes, shoes, jewellery, apparel and accessories with chic European style.

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If you're a Non-European Union resident you can enjoy Tax Free shopping (VAT or IVA in Spain) on goods purchased in Barcelona. To find out how

All about Tax-Free shopping in Barcelona

El Corte Inglés

Corte Inglés
Corte Inglés

Barcelona also has many large department stores. Two of the largest are in the centre of Barcelona Spain shopping line they are El Corte Inglés and Fnac. Here you'll find just about anything you want under one roof. The large El Corte Inglés shown in this picture is in Plaça de Catalunya

How to get to El Corte Inglés in Plaça de Catalunya

MetroMetro: Catalunya (Red Line, L1) and (Green Line, L3)

Hop on hop off sightseeing tourist bus stop

Nearest stop for El Corte Inglés in Plaça de Catalunya is "Plaça de Catalunya" with the "hop on hop off" sightseeing bus

Public bus

Plaça Catalunya: 24, 41, 42, 55, 67, 68, H16, Aerobús

Car parking

Luggage Storage

Another large Corte Inglés can be found only a few minutes walk from this store on Portal De l' Angel - about half way down the street - you won't miss it.

Official website for El Corte Inglés

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