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2020 Cost of living in Barcelona

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This page has average prices for basic goods and services to help give you an idea of the cost of living in Barcelona Spain..
Prices updated: 2020

Please note that there are 100 cents in €1.00 i.e. 100 cents make up €1.00.

Basic Entertaining

Espresso Coffee in Coffee shop: €1.25 - up to €2.50 in tourist places.

Bottle of beer from supermarket 1 litre €1.25.

Glass of beer from bar: €2.50.
Glass of beer in Irish Bar: €5.00.

Cinema movie ticket: €8.50.

Grocery Items

Bottle of coke - 2.0 litre - €1.39.

Bottle of water 1.50 litre from supermarket - €0.66

Bottle of water 1.0 litre from tourist area on Ramblas €3.00.

Baguette bread €1.00 from patisserie.

Whole milk: €1.39 / litre.

12 Free Range Eggs: €2.59.
12 Eggs (normal): €1.19

Margarine: €2.15 / 500g.

Potatoes: €0.75 / kilo
Bananas: €1.60 / kilo
Iceberg lettuce: €1.35 each.

Cigarettes we can't give prices for all brands but the price varies between €44.50 to €48.50 per 10 x 20 pack of cigarettes depending on what brand and where you buy them e.g.

Marlboro light cigarettes
Box of 10 x 20: €48.50

Lucky Strike cigarettes

Box of 10 x 20: €44.50.

Miscellaneous Grocery Products
Coffee: €2.78 for 250g vacuum packed ground coffee
White Sugar: €0.75 / 1 kg
Corn flakes: €1.99 / 500 g
Tomatoes: €2.35 / kilo
Facial tissue: €0.75 cents per pack
Orange juice: €1.85 / litre
Soft drink: Coke Cola €1.36 / 2 litres.

Home Expenses
Electricity: 100 KWh of electricity inclusive IVA (Tax) service charges and meter rental = €28.50.

Domestic Water: €28.74 for 10 m3 of water (inclusive of taxes and other standing charges).

Natural Gas: €15.61/ kWh inclusive of taxes and standing charges.

Telephone: monthly line rental €18.00

Fibre optic internet - €55 to €60/month. Most providers will not permit you to have internet without a telephone line.

(First year, you need to stay with the company for a minimum period of 12 months)

T-Casual ticket: €11.35
Taxi fare: €1.18/ km
Mminimum pickup charge: €7.00


Regular unleaded petrol: €1.285 / litre.
Premium unleaded petrol: €1.404.
Regular diesel: €1.209 / litre.
Premium diesel: €1.404 / litre.

Miscellaneous goods and services
Hamburger sandwich: €3.40 for a Mc Donald's big mac.

Pizza (vegetarian) €11.00 - €15.00 in restaurant.

Haircuts Men's: wash, cut and blow - €18.00.

Toothpaste: €1.60 per tube.

The prices quoted above are representative of standard consumable items in Barcelona and may be used as a rough comparison against the price of items in your own country. You can also use our currency converter to calculate how much these are in your own currency. See our currency converter page for converting prices to your chosen currency.

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