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What is Custo clothing and why is it so popular? This is what this article is here to tell you. Here you will find the ideas behind Custo Barcelona clothing and why this top fashion label has become such a phenomenon. This article also highlights what sort of clothes you are likely to find, along with average prices, so you can budget your shopping trip.

Custo Barcelona clothing is for one thing - unmistakable. There is really no other clothing brand like it which undoubtedly accounts for its popularity. The bold use of colour, the unique stylized graphics, the intricate details embroidered on some of the shirts, the screen printing, this all helps to make Custo Barcelona Clothing such an identifiable and original brand.

" Some of our signature looks include animal faces, graffiti and other graphic imagery" - Custo Dalmau

The brothers travel for their inspiration, which can be seen in their recent Japan-inspired prints and kimono-style tops. Custo has also recently started a handbag and a denim line. One thing is sure. You simply cannot be in a bad mood when wearing these clothes.

Caroline is 53, and from Scotland, when I asked her why she bought Custo clothes she said,

"Why do I love Custo Clothing? Because they are so fun, without being too young. Wearing the clothes makes me happy, and you are unlikely to see someone wearing anything like it, especially in Scotland".

Plus thanks to the colour schemes which seem to go with the times of day, e.g. there are Custo tops with the colours of sunsets, ones with night-time shades and so on you could actually coordinate your outfit depending on the time of day, or what mood you are in.

Custo Clothing popularity is also to do with the quality of the clothes, the t-shirts are 100% cotton and made in Spain, Portugal and Thailand. Custo's link with label America Apparel, renowned for its emphasis on fit and quality of material, also illustrates how seriously these boys take their business, and how important every aspect is, yes the clothes are quite pricey, but you get what you pay for.

The Custo Barcelona clothes are sought-after on account of their exclusivity as well. Custo Barcelona only make each design in a few of each size, thus guaranteeing that not many others will have the same garment as you.

Custo Barcelona for Women

Custo Barcelona Top

Custo's women's line is what they began with and has not slowed in its popularity, which seems to stretch across all ages. The clothes go up to an American size 18 (44) and range from swimwear, to handbags, to the coveted t shirt.

Prices can be high, but this is a designer fashion brand we're talking about after all: trousers are about €100.00, a bikini €97.00, a big tote bag €199.00 and a T-shirt €111.00. However the clothes fit so well, the material is good quality, and you don't have to worry about the brilliant colours fading in the wash.

Custo women's top from the back

The collections are of course seasonal, and at the moment the collection seems to have been inspired by old school air travel (think prints of women wearing flying goggles) and bikers. I found the most amazing coat, fur on the inside, travel-inspired graphic on the exterior, costing €324.00. There are also some shift dresses and jackets with 70's wallpaper type prints which are vibrant and fun to wear and sure to get you noticed. It is because of this that the Custo clothes, somewhat controversially, feature heavily in the English program Footballer's Wives.

However if, like me, bright and flamboyant isn't really for you it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on Custo clothing. There are plainer garments, some tweed, some embroidered linen, for example I saw a simple knee-length skirt with Asian-inspired embroidery for €175.00.

I also spied some unique bikinis, some metallic, some slightly furry, and all of the different cuts to suit whichever size.

Custo Barcelona clothing only has a few of each design in each size, so if you see something you like, snap it up quickly, and if you miss something, not to worry the collections come and go so quickly you are likely to find something else in no time at all.

Custo Man

custo Barcelona shop
Custo Barcelona shop

Custo's menswear label has become increasingly popular, not only with the gay population but with clubbers and anyone else who likes to stand out a bit from the crowd. The line is much like the women's, though much smaller selection, with strong graphics and a good range of shirt colours. Prices are also similar, with a Custo t-shirt costing around €110.00. The T-shirts are meant to be worn quite fitted and look best this way, but you can always buy a size up if you prefer a baggier look.

This article has given you a good idea of what Custo clothing is all about, now the only thing left to do is get out there and try them yourselves, let the Customania continue.

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