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Barcelona Shopping for Men

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This page gives an overview of the shopping in Barcelona for men and looks at some of the hip menswear shops to kit yourself out with a new wardrobe.

In Barcelona city there is no reason for men to be left out when it comes to clothes shopping, Barcelona is a place to shop whether you are on the hunt for the newest, hippest label or whether you just need a new shirt for a night out. Barcelona's men take their fashion quite seriously, from the skater kids to the businessmen, they all want to look good, and the shops cater for every style.

Consell de Cent, 233
08011 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Urgell (Red Line, L1)

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Has a good line of men's clothing, mostly imported. Wearable, understated fashion.

Purificacion Shop in Barcelona
Purificacion Shop in Barcelona

Purificacion Gracia
Carrer Provenca, 292
08007 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Passeig de Gràcia (Green Line, L3) 10 minutes walk.

Sleek and sophisticated designs with references to Savile Row tailoring but with dashes of colour and artistic details mixed in.

Guy: "Large store, obviously quite classy and way above my league. The staff were surprisingly helpful, and lay-out was spacious and I ended up buying some socks just because I liked the store so much but that's all I could afford".

Passeig de Gràcia, 19
08007 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Catalunya (Green Line, L3) 7 minutes walk.

Still one of the most popular places for denim, and rightly so. You won't find that the prices are better than other European cities but the design of the store is as noticeable as usual.

Guy: "I love this shop even though it's a bit over my budget. The clothes are durable and the store is nicely laid out"

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Diesel shops in Barcelona.
Diesel flagship store.

Via Laietana, 33
08003 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Jaume 1 (Yellow Line, L4)

They've thought of everything in this fashion store/coffee shop. A relaxing space where you can find stylish Italian shoes as well as their own designer label. Also has good underwear and accessories.

Guy: "Now this is my kind of shop. I'm not what you would call a happy shopper so anywhere which can deceive you into thinking that you're not actually shopping is a bonus. Very relaxing"

Urban/ Streetwear

Conti 24 Kilates
Carrer Comerc, 29
08003 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Arc de Triomf (Red Line, L1) 7 minutes walk.

Mens footware
Mens footware

Conti has over 40 years experience in fashion and this is a new stylish street wear shop full of current brands, as well as the usual boys toys, chopper bikes, exclusive trainers, selection of art/photography book and trendy music playing to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Guy: "Almost a bit too trendy but lots of fun things to play with/look at. The trainers are quality as is the music and general atmosphere of the place."

Carrer Avinyo
08001 Barcelona, España.

Metro: Jaume 1 (Yellow Line, L4) 5 minutes walk

Trendy shop that crosses the line between designer and urban. Lots of up and coming designer labels as well as old favourites such as Diesel and Nolita. Can be quite intimidating to go in.

Another street to stroll down if you're into retro clothing (the phenomenon is relatively new in Spain) is Calle del Tallers which is just off La Rambla,
Metro: Catalunya. Here you'll find a few more funky vintage stores such as Holala Ibiza. Allow yourself enough time to go through the racks.

Specific Types of Clothing Shops

Addidas display window
Adidas display window

Tax Free Shopping available.

This emporium is a must for every Adidas sportswear fan. Similar to the stores in New York and Berlin, but relatively new to Spain, I found things in here I didn't even realize Adidas made. The prices are what you would expect from Adidas and they have a small exhibition of customized trainers.

Guy: "Again way above my price range, and I'm not that into sports wear but this shop has spacious and interesting touches, this is worth a look in."

See our page on Adidas shops in Barcelona for more information.

Budget everyday-wear

If you want cool clothes but you're not bothered by labels then your best bet is to head to shops like Zara, Pull & Bear and Bershka, H&M who all have perfectly good, inexpensive menswear lines (Zara's is particularly good).

All these shops are easily located along Ave. Portal d'Angel, 2 minutes walk from Metro: Catalunya (Green Line, L3).

Guy: "My favourite is Zara, they have good cheap basics.
Whilst I don't really enjoy walking into shops filled with groups of girls, and then have to walk through the entire shop to get to the men's section. Bershka is low cost which makes it worth it, and it means you can afford to buy stuff even if you know it might not last that many washes. Although the collection is limited and based on bright primary colours. Pull & Bear have decent cheap trainers and quite a colourful range of those polo shirts which are so trendy now."

There is definitely more than enough to chose from with regards to men's clothing in Barcelona, even Guy, a self proclaimed unhappy shopper came round to some of the shops and enjoyed the trip, a little. Trends here vary for men, the fashionable are always cutting edge, and the rest stick to what they know, which is mostly denim. This means that there are shops that cater for all budgets and all styles, so you never know your shopping experience might be more painless than you think. In fact it could even be enjoyable.

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