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Live Online Spanish Courses in Barcelona: Small Group Courses and Private Lessons

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If you recently arrived in Barcelona as an expat and want to learn Spanish from scratch or improve your Spanish, if you you’ve been in Barcelona for a while but never took the time to improve your Spanish, if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona and want to learn the very basics before you come or if you just want to learn Spanish from home wherever you live, you might be looking for a quality Spanish course from reputable Spanish schools.

We know of a small local Spanish school in Barcelona run by two passionate and friendly teachers that offers live online Spanish courses tailored to your needs and they might have the Spanish course you’re looking for especially if you recognize yourself in one of the common statements below:

“I want to learn Spanish to interact with people and apply it in my daily life in Barcelona”

“I never took the time to learn Spanish properly and I’m finally ready to do it”

“I want to take reasonably priced Spanish courses”

“I’m looking for a private Spanish Lessons to improve my Spanish quickly a few hours per week. My schedule varies frequently so I need a Spanish school or teacher that is flexible and not too expensive”

“ I am looking for good conversational Spanish courses in small groups where I can feel a personal connection with the teachers and the other students”

“I’m looking for a Spanish School that can offer the level that is right for me, and a schedule that matches with my work schedule and that’s not too far from where I work o live”

A live online Spanish course in a small group
A live online Spanish course in a small group

This page will introduce a Spanish school in Barcelona, the different types of online Spanish courses offered from beginner to advanced small group courses and one one Spanish lessons, and the advantages of taking an online Spanish course.

You will find links to the Spanish School course pages where you’ll find more details on:

  • the Spanish school, its teachers and teaching methods,
  • the different Spanish levels available, who the courses are for and what you’ll learn during the courses,
  • the courses schedule and prices,
  • frequently asked questions,
  • and what other students thought about the courses.

    You will also be able to easily book your course online or contact the Spanish School directly if you have any additional question.

The Spanish school

The Spanish school we’re recommending on this page is a small local business based in central Barcelona. The school was founded in 2016 by 2 passionate Spanish teachers, Marta and Verónica after years of teaching Spanish around the globe.

Marta and Verónica are proud of their small sized Spanish language school and strive to maintain this small and friendly learning environment as it enables them to get to know all their students individually. By having this close connection with you they are able to adapt the content of their Spanish courses to your needs, interests and level whether you’re taking small group courses or private courses. You won’t find large groups at the school, the maximum number of Spanish students per group is 6 students.

If you need even more personal attention the school also offers one-on-one Spanish lessons. Being close to their students and customizing the lessons for them is what distinguishes Marta and Verónica from other Spanish schools in Barcelona. Language and communication is a means to connect with others and the school founders believe that personal attention and connection with their students is an important part of effectively teaching a language.

Marta and Verónica, founders of the Spanish school and your Spanish teachers
Marta and Verónica, founders of the Spanish school and your Spanish teachers

10 things we like about this Spanish school:

1. Live online Spanish courses since the COVID pandemic
Because of the COVID pandemic, the Spanish school quickly switched to live online Spanish lessons, which enabled the school students to keep learning Spanish even during lock-down and school closures for safety reasons.

Existing students didn’t notice any real difference between in person and online courses and were happy to continue learning Spanish even if they had to leave Barcelona and return home.

With live online Spanish courses you can learn Spanish from the comfort of your home while interacting with fellow students and your Spanish teacher through an easy-to-access online platform, just like a video call.

2. Spanish courses in small groups and private Spanish lessons
The school offers live online Spanish courses in small groups and one-one lessons.

The groups are of 6 Spanish students maximum which allows plenty of room for interaction with your teacher and fellow students and personal attention from your teacher.

If you can’t attend a small group course because of scheduling reasons or because you simply prefer to learn at their own pace whenever you want, the school also offers private Spanish lessons.

3. Spanish courses customized to your level and interests
Because the school is a small one, the teachers know their students well and can tailor their small group Spanish courses and their one-on-one lessons to your interests and Spanish level.

In fact, if you Spanish teacher notices you’re not in the right small group, you will be offered to change groups or level without any extra cost.

4. All Spanish levels covered
There are Spanish courses for every Spanish level from beginners (A1 level), to elementary (A2 level), intermediate (B1 level) and advanced (B2 level). It gives you the guarantee to be in the right level. Plus, as mentioned above, if if turns out that you’re not in the right group or level, you’ll be able to change group or level without any issue, extra paperwork or payment.
One-on-one lessons are from any level up to C2 level.

5. Intensive, semi-intensive or occasional Spanish lessons
Depending on the time you have and your goals, you can choose between semi-intensive Spanish courses which consist of 2 hour courses, twice a week or intensive Spanish courses of 2 hours, 3 days a week. Most of the small group online Spanish courses are held in the evening from 19:00.

There is also a 10 hours intensive immersion Spanish course of 2 hours per day during 5 days for beginners.

If you opt for one-on-one lessons, you choose the number of lessons and duration you want to take each week.
Continue reading to know more about the different types of Spanish courses available.

6. Conversational Spanish
The live online Spanish courses are focused on you speaking Spanish, on being able to communicate and understanding the every-day colloquial Spanish that you’ll listen around you in Barcelona or when you’ll come to Spain if you’re not already here. Lots of speaking practice is involved through fun exercises for you to learn grammar and vocabulary.

7. Payment flexibility
If you opt for a small group online Spanish course, you’ll pay your monthly lessons on a monthly basis. There’s no monthly automated debits to your bank account: you’ll pay by card every time you want to purchase an extra month of Spanish courses, quick and easy. The payment flexibility enables you to learn Spanish for the amount of time you want. You can as well study for one month only or renew month after month until you’ve met your goals.

If you opt for private lessons, you’ll be able to buy packs of 5, 10 or 20 hours of lessons and renew, if you want to, when you’ve done all your lessons.

8. Diverse student profile
Spanish courses are for everyone: whether you plan to come to Barcelona, you’re a new comer, you’ve been living in Barcelona or you just want to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home wherever you live.

The students of the Spanish school are generally between 25 and 40. They are either planning to come to Barcelona, or working in Barcelona for an international or local company. Other students came to Barcelona to follow their partner or have been living here for a while but never took the time to learn proper Spanish.

9. Spanish course certificate
You’ll get a Spanish course certificate at the end of your course that you’ll be able to highlight in your CV if you need so.

10. Local Spanish school run by 2 Spanish teachers from Barcelona
We’re happy to recommend small local business over big companies where founders are extremely proud and passionate about the service they offer, are 100% involved – you might have Marta or Verónica as your Spanish teachers- and make their best to provide high quality Spanish courses.

Type of online Spanish courses available

The school offers 3 types of live online Spanish courses:

  • A1 to B2 online Spanish course in small groups for 2 hours, 2 or 3 days a week during 4 weeks. You can renew your course subscription every month or stop if after a month and continue later or not.
  • Online Spanish private lessons for a total of 5, 10 or 20 hours that you can take whenever you want depending on your schedule.
  • 10 hours online basic immersion Spanish course in small groups of up to 6 students for future visitors or newcomers to Barcelona

A1 to B2 level online Spanish course, 4 weeks duration, 2 hours per day, 2 or 3 times a week

It’s a 4 weeks online Spanish course of 2 hours per day, 2 or 3 days a week for beginners to advanced students in small groups of 6 students maximum.

Different levels are available:
1. A1 online Spanish course for beginners. It is for you if you have never studied Spanish or you did but a long time ago and can’t speak Spanish.
2. A2 elementary online Spanish course. It is for you if you already know some Spanish and can talk a little bit about yourself, other people and describe things around you in present tense.
3. B1 intermediate online Spanish course. It is for you can speak Spanish in present and past tense about every day things.
4. B2 advanced online Spanish course if you can already speak Spanish and want to improve your Spanish using the subjunctive and conditional tenses in your every-day conversions as well as colloquial expressions.

Course duration:
4 hours/week, 2 days/week during 4 weeks
6 hours/week, 2 days/week during 4 weeks
You can renew each month

€129.00 or €178.00 per month

Schedule vary depending on the level you’ll choose. Please click on the button below to view the next starting date and schedule.

Why should you take one of the online Spanish courses?

  • You learn Spanish from the comfort of your home so your Spanish course can’t be impacted by COVID-related measures.
  • You can choose to have your 2-hour Spanish course 2 days or 3 days a week depending on how much time and money you want to invest.
  • The Spanish classes are in small group tours of 2 to 6 students which allow you to interact with fellow students even if you’re home, while getting personalized attention from your teacher
  • The online Spanish courses are tailored to the group level and interests and include a mix of fun and interesting exercises and games to speak, learn grammar and vocabulary
  • You won’t need to buy any Spanish books, the School creates and provides its own online materials that is personalized for each group. You will be able to access the materials online during and after the lessons.
  • The emphasis of the online Spanish courses, whether it’s an A1 or a B2 courses is on speaking Spanish, communicating and understanding the every-day Spanish language.
  • Teachers are friendly and passionate
  • You only pay for 1 month with the option to renew each month if you’re happy with the course and want to continue improving your Spanish. You can renew whenever you want, which means you can stop after a month and resume whenever you want.
  • You’ll get a Spanish certificate after you’ve completed the course
  • Most courses are from 19:00 to 21:00 which allow to combine with work or university.

Private online Spanish lessons, flexible schedule, tailored to your Spanish level

Private Spanish lessons are one on one Spanish courses entirely tailored to your needs and goals, and you choose when you want to take a lesson - no fixed schedule or frequency.

You can choose between packs of 5, 10 or 20 hours of online Spanish private lessons and renew your pack if you want to continue.

Course duration:
5, 10, 20 hours

€150.00, €290.00, €560.00

Schedule: you choose when you want to take a lesson. Lesson must be taken within 3 months after your purchase date.

Why should you take private online Spanish lessons?

  • As the Spanish classes are online, they’re not impacted by COVID safety measures or restrictions: no mask wearing, no school closure, etc.
  • You have a tight schedule and want to have the flexibility to take your Spanish lessons when it suits you best. You can schedule your Spanish private lessons whenever you want, from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 21:00 (Barcelona local time) and yo can even cancel a lesson with a 24hour notice if you can’t make it.
  • You learnt Spanish on your own and you want to improve specific grammatical or vocabulary aspects.
  • You don’t really want to be in a group, even if it’s a small group.
  • You want one to one Spanish lessons customized just for you: to your level, interests and goals.
  • You want to study Spanish at your own pace, whether it’s fast or slower.

10 hours online immersion Spanish course in small groups for beginners: future visitors or newcomers to Barcelona

It’s a 10 hour live online immersion course of 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday during 1 week for beginners, in small groups of 6 students maximum.

This online Spanish course is for you if:

  • You’re coming to Barcelona as a tourist and want to know learn the basics before you come to be able to know how to read directions, signs and menus, how to ask basic questions, how to order at a restaurant or asking for assistance when shopping and more.
  • You’re coming or have recently arrived in Barcelona as a tourist or expat and you want to learn the basics to introduce yourself, be able to understand ads for apartments, order a coffee at a cafe and more.

Course duration:
10 hours, 1week


Click on the button below to view the next starting date and schedule.

What are the advantages of taking an immersive online Spanish course for beginners?

  • You will learn the basics of Spanish from the comfort of your home. No time spent in transport to attend you Spanish course and you can forget about safety distances or safety measures during your course.
  • A 2-hours course, 5 days a week during 1 week is the perfect amount of time to immerse yourself into the Spanish language before your trip or just after your arrival in Barcelona.
  • You will experience a true immersion in the Spanish culture during your stay if know the basics to read and express yourself
  • The Spanish immersive courses are in small groups of 2 to 6 students which allows you to interact with fellow students while getting personalized attention from your teacher
  • The price for a 10 hours course is very reasonable and the course will allow you to discover the Spanish school and the teachers and taking more Spanish courses if you’re happy with them.

Whatever online Spanish course you choose, they are all given by passionate, friendly and helpful teachers based in Barcelona and are adapted to your or your group level and interests. The courses are focused on speaking and understanding the Spanish spoken by the locals and on interacting with fellow students and your teacher using engaging content.
You’ll join the courses on an online platform, a suitable online solution, within everyone’s reach – nothing too technical.

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