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Barcelona FC Stores - Guide to the Official Barca Merchandising Shops In the City.

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Many tourists to Barcelona see a Barcelona FC strip as the ultimate souvenir. If you fit into this category, or simply wish to bring home a Camp Nou pencil for a friend, then you may benefit from the list of FCBotigas that are situated around the city.

FCBotiga at Camp Nou
FCBotiga at Camp Nou Stadium.

FCBotiga is the official merchandise store for Barcelona FC. The largest store (FCBotiga Megastore) is at the Barcelona FC stadium itself. However, there are also other others stores in Barcelona city centre. These stores are franchises of the Megastore, and sell official club merchandising.

Camp Nou FCBotiga Megastore
Camp Nou FCBotiga Megastore

The franchise stores are smaller than the Megastore and do not include sections such as the 'Show time' section (see below). They offer merchandise including strips, boots and souvenirs.

FC Botiga megastore - Camp Nou - The largest Barcelona FC shop in Barcelona.

FC Botiga Megastore at Camp Nou
FCBotiga Megastore at Camp Nou

At Access 9 of the stadium you will find Barcelona's largest Barcelona FC store. This store has two floors selling all things associated with Barcelona FC.

The ground floor sells a wide variety of strips. These include the most current home and away strips.

The basement floor sells souvenirs such as watches, school exercise books and cuddly toys.

It also has a section selling Nike football boots of many different varieties.

There is a strip printing service so that you can put a name and number on your football shirt.

A 'Show time' section is available, where superimposed photographs of you with the players can be produced and purchased.

An area called the "Museum Corner" offers replicas of items on display in the museum, such as old leather football and prints of the Miró lithograph.

MetroMetro: Collblanc (Blue Line, L5)

Car Park Car parking near Camp Nou Football Stadium (FC Barcelona)

Maremagnum Centre (Near Port Vell)

This shop sits inside a commercial centre on Barcelona's harbour front called the Maremagnum centre which is at the foot of La Rambla near Port Vell.

Maremagnum Centre
Moll d'Espanya 5
Shop 38-39, Maremagnum Village
Barcelona, España

Metro Metro: Drassanes (Green Line, L3)

Car Park Car parking near Maremagnum Centre

Sagrada Familia

This shop might be worth a visit if you are in the area to see Gaudí's famous church.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona FC Official Shop
C/ Mallorca, 406
Barcelona, España.

Metro Metro: Sagrada Familia (Purple Line, L2) or (Blue Line, L5)

Car Park Car parking near Sagrada Familia

Jaume I - Gothic Quarter

This shop lies in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and is also close to the area of El Born.

Jaume I - Gothic Quarter - Barcelona FC Official Shop
Calle Jaume I, 18
Barcelona, España

Metro Metro: Jaume I (Yellow Line, L4)

Estació Sants - Sants Train Station

Estació Sants is Barcelona's largest train station. It sits in uptown Barcelona and is the thoroughfare for many trains coming in and out of the city.

Estació Sants - Barcelona FC Official Shop
Estació de Trens de Sants
Barcelona, España

Metro Metro: Sants Estació (Green Line, L3) or (Blue Line, L5)

Car Park Car parking near Barcelona Sants Station

Universitat - Barcelona FC Official Shop

This is a large street that links Plaza Catalunya to Plaza Universitat. It sits at the top of the Ramblas.

Barcelona FC Official Shop
Ronda Universitat - Esquina Plaça Catalunya.
Barcelona, España.

Metro Metro: Universitat (Red Line, L1) or (Purple Line, L2)

If you are visiting Barcelona and intend to go to the Stadium then the Barca Megastore at the Barcelona FC stadium is probably the best place to buy your memorabilia on the club. If, however, you don't intend on visiting the FC Stadium then you'll find all the other smaller official shops listed above.

[image ALT text]
FCBotiga store

The Barcelona FC Megastore at the stadium itself is the largest and most comprehensive of the stores selling official Barcelona FC memorabilia - it may be an interesting idea to combine the Barcelona FC stadium tour with a visit to the Megastore afterwards. To find out how follow our links below that give more information on the FC tour.

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