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Barcelona FC - Camp Nou - An Overview to The Facilities and Activities At the Stadium

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FC Barcelona, also known as Camp Nou, is the home to one of international football's biggest teams - Barcelona FC. If you want to see the stadium but can't get tickets for a match it is still worth a visit for football fans.

Camp Nou Stadium
Camp Nou Stadium

Each day the stadium is open to the public with tours. On this page you will find a general guide to a trip to the Barcelona FC stadium. It includes links to other articles detailing the Barcelona FC tours, how to buy tickets for the FC tour and matches, the history of the club and the FC Botiga stores.

FC Barcelona's stadium, Camp Nou, has a capacity of almost 100,000. Barcelona FC the team is one of the best in the world and their stadium has come to stand for something important to football fans all around the world.

For more details on the history of Barcelona FC please see our Barcelona FC - a guide to the history of the club

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Location map showing the walking routes to Camp Nou Football Stadium from the nearest metro stops

Map showing the metro stations and walking directions to the Camp Nou Stadium

Acta CITY47 Hotel
Abba Sants Hotel
Hilton Hotel Barcelona
Sants Estació Metro
Sants Estació Metro
COPARK Sants-Numancia Car Park
Maria Cristina Metro
Palau Reial Metro
Collblanc Metro
Badal Metro
Plaça del Centre Metro
Les Corts Metro
BSM Cotxeres de Sarria  Car Park
NN Pedralbes Car Park
NN Diagonal Car Park
SABA Joan Güell Car Park
Viajeros Car Park
Mercat Sants Car Park
NN Sentmenat II Car Park
BSM Tanatori Les Corts Car Park
Ronda Park Car Park
Camp Nou Football Stadium
Aristides Maillol
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How to Get to the Barcelona FC Stadium

MetroMetro: Collblanc (Blue Line, L5)

Hop on hop off sightseeing tourist bus stop

Nearest stop for Barcelona FC Stadium is "Camp Nou (FC Barcelona)" with the "hop on hop off" sightseeing bus

Public bus

Estadi del Futbol Club Barcelona: 75
Les Corts / Arizala: H8
Mini-Estadi / Palau Blaugrana: 113

Car parking

Luggage Storage

On exiting the metro station you will need to turn left and head northwest up Avenida Diagonal. You will pass the large black skyscraper on your right called the 'La Caixa' building.

Access 9 at Camp Nou
Access 9 at Camp Nou

Keep walking until you see another skyscraper - the SOFIA Gran Hotel. Having passed the hotel, take the first left and you will see Camp Nou directly in front of you.

Depending on your reason for visiting the stadium, you may already have details of which gate ('access') you need to find. If not, you should head to Access 9 - this is generally the main entrance and here you will find the Ticket Desk.

How to Get to Barcelona FC Stadium by Bus

It is worth noting that Barcelona open top tour buses generally include Barcelona FC in their route.

For more details on Barcelona Bus Tours please see our review Barcelona Tours - A Review of Barcelona's Open-Top Tour Bus

FC Botiga Megastore at Barcelona FC Football Stadium is the club's store for merchandise and souvenirs.

FC Botiga Megastore at Camp Nou
FC Botiga Megastore at Camp Nou

For more information on the FC Botiga Megastore and other FC Botiga shops around Barcelona please see our Barcelona FC - Shops.

Camp Nou Experience tour.

Champion's league cup
Champion's League Cup
This tour includes the FC Barcelona museum tour and a behind the scenes tour of the club and stadium.

Barcelona FC Museum which is about the History and Ethos of the Club.

The Museum at Camp Nou is made up of three main sections - the historic museum, the 'Futbol art' Collection and a section that features temporary exhibitions.

The historic part of the museum includes all of the club's major trophies. These include the Champions League Cup - which you can hold, as long as you are willing to pose for a picture.

For more information on what is available at the Museum please see our Barcelona FC - Tours - Review.

Museum Opening Times:

Opening times vary, so it is best to contact the stadium directly or check the official website for details.

Camp Nou Experience: A Self-Guided Tour of Barcelona FC Football Stadium.

View from The Benches
View from the benches

This part of the tour allows fans access to behind the scenes at Barcelona FC stadium, including the Press Room, Visitors Changing Rooms, the Benches and the President's Box.

For more information on what is available on the tour please see our Barcelona FC - Tours - Review

Barcelona FC Stadium Camp Nou Experience Price:

Adults: €29.50
Children (up to 13 years): €22.00

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Tour opening times:

Opening times vary, so it is best to contact the stadium directly or check the official website for details. The tours finish one hour before the museum closes.

Tickets for Barcelona FC Stadium Tours

For information on how to purchase Barcelona tour tickets please see our Barcelona FC - guide to purchasing tickets.

Tickets for Match

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for a Barcelona FC match then see the following link that goes through the option.

How to buy tickets for a Barcelona FC game.

Facilities at the Stadium

Food at the stadium

There are two main places to eat at the stadium. It is worth remembering that once you have entered the stadium your options are limited. Seasoned visitors can be seen chowing down smugly on homemade picnics.

Pans and Company

On entering Access 9 there is a fast food restaurant called Pans and Company. This is a Spanish chain that sells both hot and cold baguettes, French fries and drinks.

Both indoor and outdoor seating is available.

La Carpa
La Carpa

La Carpa (FCB Bar)

At the centre of the stadium Barcelona FC's own cabin is available with outdoor seating. It sells food that is similar to Pans & Company - hot and cold sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas, chips and drinks.

Snack Vending Machines

There are vending machines available selling chocolate, sweets and crisps. Drinks are also available at inflated prices.

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