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A Romantic Weekend in Barcelona - Things to do in Barcelona With Your Partner

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Barcelona is one of Europe's top mini-break destinations. It is the perfect size to visit for a long weekend. If you are coming to the city for a romantic break with your partner, you will find a lot of things to do and see. The rambling streets, copious plazas and various options for good views make it a perfect setting if you're in the mood for love. Whether taking somebody on a first date to remember or on a silver wedding anniversary, there is something here to suit your needs.
The View from Tibidabo
The view from Tibidabo
I have put together a list for a guaranteed fail safe romantic adventure to Barcelona with everything covered, right down to how you will make your way from the airport to your hotel. See below for advice on travel, restaurants, hotels, settings and activities.

Arrive in style: Transport from the Airport to Barcelona City Centre

If you're thinking of pulling out all the stops on your trip, or you would like to avoid a hot and sticky bus trip from the airport you may be interested to organise a private car to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel instead.

Romantic Hotels in Barcelona

Hotel Miramar
Hotel Miramar

Perhaps more essential than any other aspect of a luxurious break to Barcelona is where you will be staying. Whether you don't plan on leaving your bedroom for the whole weekend, are hell bent on spending time in the spa, or simply need somewhere to lay your head it is important that you have some romantic accommodation.

We have put together a list of romantic hotels to help you to decide.

And if you are looking for somewhere more private to stay where there is no danger of being interrupted by room service then an apartment may be a more suitable option.

Romantic Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is jam packed with romantic restaurants. A stroll through the old town and adventures down its narrow streets will nearly always reap the reward of a charming little restaurant. The main rule of thumb is to avoid the Ramblas and the more touristy areas. However, if you don't want to risk making a duff choice, take a look at this list of some my favourite romantic spots to eat at in Barcelona.

If you are a couple who love good food then take a stroll around the Boqueria food market - full to the brim with feasts for all the senses.

It you are looking for a well-lit, glamorous and lively setting that is also affordable, Senyor Parellada might be just what you need. It offers Catalan cuisine and is in the heart of the old and picturesque area of El Born in the old town.

If you are looking to treat yourselves to first class cuisine, but want to avoid the obvious Barcelona classics Tapioles 53 offers something a little bit different. They seat only twenty people per night and do not turn the tables, so you will be left in peace to take time over your luxurious three or five course meals.

Romantic Bars in Barcelona

As every girl knows, nothing tops off a delicious dinner better than a cocktail in a dimly lit and smoky bar. Barcelona is world renowned for its small, original and independent places in which to enjoy a drink.

Gimlet Cocktail Bar

Stepping into Gimlet is like taking a step back in time to the 1950's. A wooden bar, smoky atmosphere and smartly dressed cocktail waiters add to the feeling that everybody should be using cigarette holders and talking like they are in a black and white film. Grab a stool at the bar and tell the knowledgeable waiters what sort of flavours you like - they will take it from there and come up with a cocktail especially for you.

Carrer de Santaló, 46
08021 Barcelona, España.

Metro Metro: Barceloneta (Yellow Line, L4)

Romantic Activities in Barcelona

Once your nights are planned out it is still necessary to think about some activities for the day time. Barcelona is a small city but is brimming with various activities to enjoy during your stay.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you really want to treat that special someone to something different and awe inspiring a ride in a hot air balloon could prove a lot of fun. You can fly over Barcelona and its surrounding areas in a package that covers everything from ground transportation to a mile high picnic.

How to book your hot air balloon ride.

Opera in Barcelona

See our guide to opera venues for ideas of places to enjoy an evening of music. Palau Dalmasses in the El Born district may be of particular interest if you are in search of somewhere intimate and original.

Cinema in Montjuïc

During the summer months, in the moat of Montjuïc's mountain-top castle, there are outdoor screenings of films. It is a beautiful scene, as groups of friends and couples lay out their blankets, open up their picnic baskets and crack open their bottles of cava before the film begins.

It is a really popular activity so it is worth buying tickets in advance. You will also need to check the film programme and see whether the film will be available in your language. Check their website for more details.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc
Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

For many tourists to Barcelona, their trip would not be complete without a trip to the Magic Fountain near Plaça España square. Free shows of light, water and music take place in the evenings at weekends.

Stroll on the Beach

If all else fails, as long as the sun is shining, there is nothing more romantic than an evening stroll along the beach. In a city that is next to the sea it seems a shame to miss the opportunity to breath in the sea air and work up an appetite for dinner. If you really want to up the romance, bring along a bottle of cava to sip while the sun goes down.

Barceloneta beach bar
Barceloneta beach bar

Even those with the toughest of hearts will be wooed by the romantic charm of Barcelona. Rougher around the edges than cities such as Paris or London, this serves to add to its energy and spirit - an atmosphere in which it is easy to be in love. And, just in case the mood really catches you, here is a link to our guide to proposal spots to take things to the next level.

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