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Arranging A Stag Do in Barcelona - Some Ideas for How to Organise your Trip

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This page will guide you popular activities for a fantastic stag weekend in Barcelona. If you're planning on taking your stag do abroad it is worth bearing in mind that it takes a lot of advance preparation. When you don't know a city it is easy to find yourself wandering around for hours in search of somewhere to eat, drink or hang out. When you're in a large group this is not much fun and not how you want to be spending your precious stag do time.

Here you will find some ideas for both daytime and night time stag activities in Barcelona.

Football Tours of Camp Nou

Barcelona FC's Camp Nou
Barcelona FC's Camp Nou

If you are bringing a group of football fans to Barcelona you don't have to get your hands on a golden match ticket in order to see Camp Nou - Barcelona FC's football ground. A ticket for a tour of the stadium will offer access to the stands, the changing rooms, the press room and even the benches.

For more information and details on how to book see our pages on the Barcelona FC tour.

Tours of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya racing track

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

If your crew are more into racing than football there are also some group activities available at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where the Formula 1 and Moto GP take place. It is possible to take group tours of the track where you will see everything from the briefing room to the podium and the pits.

For more information on the guided tours and how to book see our Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya guided tours page.

Barcelona Bar Crawl

If your stag group want to go on a traditional bar crawl then check our Barcelona Bar review page gives you an overview of some of the most popular Bars in town.

We have also put together an Irish Bars page if you wanted a Irish theme to your pub crawl.

If you are looking for somewhere to watch a match or down a few afternoon pints, but want to steer clear of the typical Irish pubs on the Ramblas, there is another option.

The Black Horse pub in the El Born area is a traditional English pub in the true sense of the word. It is full of young and old, men and women. People come to play darts, watch the football or rugby or simply enjoy a pint of bitter.

With at least four television screens in different rooms, if you are coming to watch a match, there's a good chance they'll be screening it.

Comedy For Your Stag Do

Comedy is often an option that suits everybody. Here in Barcelona there is an English speaking comedy club that is making a name for itself in the city. The Giggling Guiri programme a range of comedy nights in both large and small venues. Past acts have included the likes of Brendon Burns, Adam Hill and David O Doherty.

The comedy does not take place every night and is not always in the same venue. You should, therefore, check their website before coming to see if there is anything on during your trip.

A Stag Nights in Barcelona

Shoko Restaurant and Club

Shoko Restaurant & Club
Shoko Restaurant & Club

To keep things as simple as possible on your night out it is worth considering booking a restaurant with a club to stay in afterwards. This all in package is something that is offered by Shoko - a club on the beach that also contains a restaurant. They offer group bookings for dinner, allowing free entrance to the club afterwards.

For a review of the restaurant and club check our page on Shoko Restaurant and Club in Barcelona.


Whatever your music tastes, there is something for everybody in Barcelona - from minimal techno to pop and hip hop and everything in-between. Check our guides to music venues and night clubs.

Top Tips for a Stag Weekend in Barcelona

  1. If you plan on wearing fancy dress it is worth calling ahead to the places where you plan to go. A lot of bars, clubs and restaurants will not let in large groups in fancy dress.
  2. If you plan on being a little tipsy in town at night make sure that you don't bring any of your most treasured possessions out with you - draw some money out during the day and leave your cards and passport in your accommodation. Drunk tourists are the pick pockets' favourites.
  3. Remember that Barcelona is a town for night owls. Most bars stay open until 02:00 or 03:00 and most clubs until 05:00 or 06:00. Most restaurants open for dinner at 20:00 at the earliest. So you can get ready, have your dinner and go out later than you would in other countries.
  4. Be careful if you are making noise in the streets late at night. The residents in the Old Town do not take kindly to be woken up. It is not uncommon to find an egg or rotten vegetable flying towards your head from a balcony above if you are keeping up the neighbours.

Barcelona is a popular city for a stag weekend - the beach, bars and clubs are a perfect mix for fun in the sun. If it's up to you to get the trip sorted and keep the lads in check it's a good idea to have as much as you can sorted and booked in advance. After all the planning it's only fair that you have some fun on your stag do too.

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