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Learn How to Create Traditional Spanish Tapas From Your Own Home With Our Virtual Spanish Cooking Workshop Guided Live From Barcelona by A Specialist Tapas Chef

Would you like to visit sunny Spain but can't due to travel restrictions? Do you want to shake off the corona blues and enjoy a taste of traditional Spanish tapas? If you answered yes to these two questions then we may have just what you need to brighten up a gloomy corona lockdown with a live Spanish tapas cooking course you can do from your home wherever you are in the World.

This page will explain all you need to know to attend a virtual tapas cooking experience which enables you and your friends and family to interact, bond and have some fun while cooking one of the most emblematic dishes of Spain with a tapas expert live from Barcelona. You will discover the secrets to creating traditional Spanish tapas for yourself.

Enjoying the virtual tapas cooking class with our family 400km away from each other
Enjoying the virtual tapas cooking class with our family 400km away from each other
I let myself be tempted by an online Spanish tapas workshop on a rainy Saturday morning and invited five family members to join.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical before trying this virtual tapas cooking experience. Indeed, since the first lockdown in March I had a few virtual drinks with friends on Zoom, celebrated one or two birthdays on House Party and followed my yoga lessons online for a while but that’s where my virtual experiences stopped.

My 60-year-old parents who are relatively new to the virtual world were anxious about connecting to a video call but were enthusiastic to have some family connection through food despite 400km of distance and a border between us.

Now, after having enjoyed our first online tapas cooking workshop a few days ago, I can say without any reservations I can highly recommend the experience to anyone. On this page I'll share our experience of the traditional Spanish cooking course and hopefully you will see why this course is so much fun and rewarding for the whole family.

The Tapas Masterclass is an online tapas cooking course that you enjoy with your friends and family, wherever you are.

You will all connect to a video call link to prepare delicious Spanish tapas guided by a Spanish tapas chef from Barcelona while learning all about tapas.

There are different ways of enjoying the experience:

  • Alone with your host – solos are more than welcome!
  • With the family members you live with and your host
  • With family and friends who live in different places and your host

You will receive a link to a video call to connect to the online tapas masterclass. A Spanish tapas expert will host the tapas experience in English.

Note that you can also request the experience to be in Spanish if you want to practice your language skills, which is what we did as the whole family can speak relatively good Spanish and we wanted to feel like we were in Spain while preparing our tapas locked at home.

The video call link can be used on different devices at the same time. We used a tablet, a mobile phone and a laptop computer to take part and interact with the Spanish chef.

All cooking levels are welcome. This online cooking experience is accessible to everyone, from 3 year-olds to experienced cooks.

3-year-old little hands helping out during our online tapas cooking lesson
3-year-old little hands helping out during our online tapas cooking lesson

The online tapas class booking page states that you’ll prepare two tapas, one being bread with tomatoes, which in my opinion looked far too simple for the price of the experience. You should know that you will actually prepare 5 to 6 different tapas so the booking page instructions do not make this clear. After being on the course I ended up thinking this virtual cooking workshop is great value for money because of the wide range of tapas we cooked following the indications of the chef and because it was a private cooking lesson. We also have the added benefit of being able to enjoy eating our own tapas at the end of the course. The photos below show you the variety of tapas that we made.

No expensive or hard-to-find ingredients needed.

The experience will last about one and a half hours.

What you need to enjoy your online tapas cooking class

  • A good internet and WI-FI connection
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer, with a microphone and camera.
  • Video and microphone on
  • A kitchen, a pan, a frying pan and other basic kitchen utensils.
  • The ingredients. You will receive the list of ingredients by email in advance so that you can ensure to have them in stock and ready to go.
Video and sound are needed to interact with your host and friends and family
Video and sound are needed to interact with your host and friends and family

How to book your virtual tapas cooking lesson

I booked our online Spanish tapas cooking class 3 days before. You can book yours up to 24 hours before.

Immediately after booking I received an email confirmation from the booking platform stating that my order was complete, with the date and time of the tapas cooking experience. It also said that I would receive a link to connect to the online experience at the appointed time.

The email confirmation was followed by another email from the online workshop company. This second email introduced the virtual experience in words that got me really excited and explained that vegetarian alternatives and other tapas recipes other than those initially suggested on the booking page were also possible. I jumped on the opportunity to request a vegetarian alternative.

Then our host sent me a third email to discuss the menu including a vegetarian option we requested they suggested 6 different tapas for us to cook. Once again, only 2 tapas were indicated on the online tapas class booking page so I thought this cooking experience was just getting better and better because the course covers many more tapas than mentioned on the booking page.

Once we all agreed on the menu our host sent me the list of ingredients by email and WhatsApp.

The ingredients were all easy-to-find at our local supermarket and I already had many of the items in my fridge and cupboard such as potatoes, eggs, smoked salmon, honey.

All the ingredients needed for our online tapas masterclass
All the ingredients needed for our online tapas masterclass

Our online tapas masterclass

When the time came to get started we all connected to the video call link provided by our host without any issues. Even my 60-year old parents who had never used a video call link before were able to connect.

The course started out by meeting our host, a welcoming Argentinean established in Barcelona for several years, and who was really passionate about tapas and Barcelona.

We all introduced ourselves and our host told us about the tapas we were about to cook and made sure everyone had all the ingredients.

Interacting with our tapas expert host
Interacting with our tapas expert host

Our host stated out by explaining the importance of tapas in Spain, the difference between ‘tapas’, ‘pintxos’, ‘montaditos’ and more insightful stories. I really enjoyed this background information about tapas because it made the whole experience more meaningful and would be interesting to share these facts with my friends when we cook tapas for them in the future.

After the introductions we started preparing our 6 different tapas dishes one after another. We were guided along at every stage by our tapas chef.

The order of preparation of the tapas has been well thought through. We first prepared the ingredients for the hot tapas and while they were cooking, we continued with the cold tapas preparation. I thought the course was very well-planned out to make the most of our time.

Cutting potatoes following the indications of our host to prepare our first Spanish hot tapa
Cutting potatoes following the indications of our host to prepare our first Spanish hot tapa

What we liked was that we could adapt the proportions of the tapas according to the number of guests and our particular appetite. Your host will help you with any modifications you need to your recipes or quantity of food you prepare.

Our host was engaging, and we interacted with her during the every stage of the cooking class. She was happy to repeat some of the steps we missed which gave us a lot of confidence. She was also cooking at the same time as helping us out so that we could easily see exactly what we needed to do.

Sweet and sour pintxos on the making: bread, striped tomato, red pepper, fig jam with roquefort or feta cheese
Sweet and sour pintxos on the making: bread, striped tomato, red pepper, fig jam with roquefort or feta cheese

As a bonus our chef also made recommendations of some top class tapas bars we could visit on our next trip to Barcelona, something we are really looking forward to do as soon as we can.

All the tapas we made were easy to do but we would never have thought of cooking the ingredients the way we did or about associating these ingredients together. We all had a wonderful and relaxing time on this course and it felt good to share the experience along with the rest of our family. We most certainly got a taste of sunny and warm Spain from the comfort of our own homes, something I did not think would be possible through a video call.

We proudly showed ourselves our tapas masterpieces before tasting them
We proudly showed ourselves our tapas masterpieces before tasting them

Once all our tapas were ready, we poured ourselves a ‘cerveza’ and shared our first bites and impression of the food we had made together. I have to say the food was absolutely delicious and I don’t think we could have prepared these tapas on our own without the guidance of a specialist tapas chef.

After the cooking session was completed our host left to let us enjoy a great tapas family lunch. A few minutes later she sent me a photo of her enjoying her tapas with her partner. This all helped us to feel connected and I would say this is was what made the experience for us, we all felt connected during this fun experience.

What I also like was that we also received the tapas recipes at the end of the session so that we could make these dishes again in the future – which we surely would love to do.

Some of our Spanish tapas ready to be tasted!
Some of our Spanish tapas ready to be tasted!

What you need to know before booking your virtual tapas masterclass.

A single ticket reservation for the online tapas cooking class will enable up to a maximum of 10 people from your friends and family in your group to take part. This can work out to be very economical.

Price for a private tapas cooking lesson: €55 per group

Duration: about 1 hour and a half

My tips

  • Make sure to start preparing your ingredients on your kitchen worktop 20 to 30 minutes before the start time of the tapas cooking lesson. You will want to be ready to enjoy the experience once you connect to the video call. The list of ingredients is sent to you via email shortly after you book the cooking lesson so you have plenty of time to prepare them.

  • I also recommend you to start connecting to the video call link a few minutes before to start on time so that if you have any issues you can sort these out before the cooking course starts.

  • The online tapas cooking lessons are available daily at 10:00, 14:00, 19:00 or 21:00 and their duration is of 1 hour and a half approximately.

You can choose your schedule according to the time you wish to eat.
You will want to taste your tapas once they’re ready so make sure to have an empty stomach.

The 10:00 schedule is perfect for a tapas brunch, the 14:00 schedule is good if you plan to have a late breakfast that day as you’ll probably be hungry for when your tapas will be ready.
If you want to have a tapas dinner, then opt for the 19:00 or 21:00 schedule.

  • Feel free to pour yourself a drink whilst on the course, it all adds to the experience. We had a good bottle of Spanish Cava – which is a traditional bubbly white wine from Spain similar to French Champagne. It’s recommended to take a white wine because it clears the palette between tapas.

  • If you are looking for a birthday or Christmas gift idea or to cheer someone up then I would highly recommend this tapas cooking course. You can offer this online cooking class as a gift to any family members or friends that want to experience a taste of Spain whilst at home.

  • When you go to the online tapas class booking page to make your reservation, you’ll notice there is an option that enables you to book the course as a gift. The option is located below the Check availability button and is called ‘Give as Gift’.

  • An online cooking class is also a great idea for a team-building session during work-from-home times.

  • Booking through a well-known booking platform like the one we recommend gives you an additional guarantee of quality and 24/7 customer support for no extra money.

In conclusion

We really enjoyed getting together, connecting through food and creating memories with the family and it is an experience we will look back on with fond memories. If you would like to experience a little of Spain’s magical tapas cuisine from your own home we can highly recommend this tapas cooking course.

My mother showing us her perfectly cooked ‘patatas’
My mother showing us her perfectly cooked ‘patatas’

Our tapas were so tasty that we thought for a minute we were actually better at home than in a noisy and packed tapas bar – but don’t get me wrong, we will be the first to visit the tapas bars recommended by our host as soon as lockdowns are over!

In the meantime, I can’t wait to schedule another virtual tapas night masterclass with friends and to plan a real get-together to share our home-made tapas!

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