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Barcelona City Tour Sightseeing Bus Routes and Attractions

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Having taken a ride on the Barcelona City Tour Open Top Bus, I found that it was a convenient and easy way to see the city.

The Barcelona City Tour Bus
The Barcelona City Tour Bus
Those who have only a short time to see the sights will find the experience particularly useful in providing an overview of what our city has to offer. Here I have attempted to provide a comprehensive guide as to the Barcelona Tour route and what attractions it has to offer.

Please see our Barcelona City Tour - A Review of Barcelona's Open-Top Tour Bus For more information on the service as a whole.

Barcelona City Tour - A Review of one of Barcelona's Open-Top Tour Buses

Our Insider Tip

Did you know that you can’t take your luggage onto the Hop on Hop off tourist bus. Therefore before you take the tourist bus you need to store you luggage at a luggage storage point. Follow the link below to find and book a luggage storage in the city centre near to a tourist attraction.

Find a luggage storage point to store your luggage

Route of The Barcelona City Tour Bus

There are twenty stops along the route of the tourist bus. It is possible to get on or off the bus at any of these stops. Please see below for a detailed list of each stop and the Barcelona attractions you will see at each one.

The route that is taken by Barcelona City Tour provides a comprehensive tour, covering most of Barcelona's main touristic highlights. Other bus companies in Barcelona provide choices between bus routes, however, in a city this size I would say that this may be redundant as it is possible to see most of the major sights on completing one large looped route through the city. On taking the tour I struggled to think of any areas that the bus had not made accessible.

Barcelona City Tour provide varying information on how long the entire tour will take. In my experience, minus pit stops where I alighted from the bus, the tour took approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes to cover stops 1 - 20 (listed below).

It is worth bearing in mind that areas such as the Gothic Quarter are largely pedestrianized. Therefore, if you want to gain a better understanding of the old town, it will be necessary to hop off the bus and do some walking.

Attractions included in the Route taken by Barcelona City Tour Bus.

Please see below for the exact route that the bus takes around Barcelona. Some of the attractions of note along the bus route include:

Plaça de Catalunya

This is probably the most famous square in Barcelona. It is situated at the top of the Ramblas and has a large pedestrianized section at its centre. A good spot to feed the birds.

Plaça de Catalunya

La Pedrera

This is one of the works of the famous Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudí. It is a large and impressive structure with a sea theme throughout. It is particularly popular for its undulating roof, providing views of the city

La Pedrera

La Sagrada Família

This is the iconic church created by Antonio Gaudí that is still a work in progress. The bus does a full loop of the exterior of the building, for those who choose not to alight for a closer look.

La Sagrada Família

Park Güell By Antoni Gaudí

A further work of wonder by the prolific Antoni Gaudí. This is a park that he created, adding his signature touch of imaginative flare. This is a useful stop on the route as it is somewhat further from the city centre than other tourist attractions.

Park Güell by Antonio Gaudí

Camp Nou - Barcelona FC football Stadium

A must-see for football fans, for some this is Barcelona at its best. If you don't have a ticket for a match, it is still possible to do a tour of the stadium and museum.

Camp Nou

Montjuïc and the Palau Nacional - Barcelona's Palace

Montjuïc Mountain is the home of Barcelona's Royal Palace - Palau Alfons XIII. This is the site a Barcelona's popular Magic Fountain show.

Montjuïc and the Palau Nacional

Olympic Stadium

This was the site of the 1992 Olympic games. It is also where the Olympic flame structure sits.

Olympic Stadium

Colón - Monument to Christopher Columbus

This monument to Christopher Columbus sits at the base of the Ramblas and is the gateway to both the city centre and the harbour area.


Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona's cathedral is a large Gothic structure. It sits at the top of the Gothic Quarter - Barcelona's most famous section of the old town. This area is popular for its narrow, winding streets and old buildings.

Barcelona Cathedral

The Gothic Quarter

Bus Stops along the Route

At many of the Barcelona Tour stops there is little or no signposts to indicate where you should wait for the bus. Some of these are merely lampposts, with no sign whatsoever. You will find that most stops are positioned next to a standard Barcelona bus stop. I have, therefore, provided a description of the exact location of each bus stop.

  1. Universitat - Plaza Universitat.

    Opposite Hotel Jazz, on Ronda de la Universitat.

  2. Barcelona City Tour bus stop at Plaça de Catalunya Square
    Barcelona City Tour bus stop at Plaça de Catalunya Square
    Plaça de Catalunya - the square at the top of the Rambla.

    On the left hand side of the square if you are coming from the Ramblas. Opposite the BBVA bank and H10 Hotel, on the other side of the road.

  3. A: Passeig de Gràcia - Casa Batlló - a Gaudí building.

    Outside Banc de Sabadell on Passeig de Gràcia.

    B: Passeig de Gràcia - La Pedrera - another Gaudí building
    Next to the bus stop, just before La Pedrera on Passeig de Gràcia .

  4. Sagrada Família - Gaudí's famous Basilica.

    Just after the Repsol petrol station, on Carrer de la Marina, on the old side of the Sagrada Família.

  5. Park Güell - a park designed by Gaudí.

    Just before the Consum Supermarket, on Avenida M. Deu Montserrat.

  6. Plaza Francesc Maciá - leads to Avenida Diagonal.

    On the opposite side of the road to Gino's Restaurant, at the start of Avenida Diagonal.

  7. Camp Nou - FC Barcelona's Football Ground.

    Directly outside the main entrance to the Camp Nou station.

  8. Avenida Diagonal - one of Barcelona's shopping areas.

    Outside the Corte Inglés, on the opposite side of the road, on Carrer de Numancia.

  9. Plaça España - home of the Fira de Barcelona and Palau Nacional.

    On Carrer de Tarragon, on the other side of the road, opposite the Miró statue.

  10. Montjuïc - one of Barcelona's Mountains.

    Outside the CaixaForum, on Avenida del Marques de Comillas.

  11. Poble Espanyol - a recreated old Spanish village.

    Further up Avenida del Marques de Comillas, directly opposite the main entrance to Poble Espanyol.

  12. Barcelona Palace (and MNAC - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya).

    At the back of the palace, on the right if you have your back to the palace, in front of a snack booth.

  13. Olympic Village - home of the 1992 Olympic Games.

    Directly outside the main entrance to the Olympic village, on Avenida de l'Estadi.

  14. Miró Museum (Fundació Joan Miró).

    Directly outside the Miró Museum, on Avenida de l'Estadi.

  15. World Trade Centre

    Directly outside the entrance of the World Trade Centre, on Moll de Barcelona, on the side where traffic leaves the centre.

  16. Colón - Christopher Columbus Monument at the foot of Las Ramblas.

    The 'Barcelona City Tour' stop in front of the Tourist Information booth near the monument to Christopher Columbus. This is also good point for cruise liner customers to catch the tour bus.

  17. Port Vell - Barcelona's Port area.

    To the left hand side of the Maremagnum, in front of Posit Restaurant (Reial Club Maritim), next to a small roundabout.

  18. Port Olímpic - home to Barcelona's Casinos and Seafood Restaurants.

    Outside Hotel Arts on Carrer del Doctor Aiguader.

  19. Plaza de Palau - a square in the area of El Born.

    In front of the statue on Plaza de Palau.

  20. Barcelona Cathedral

    On Via Laietana, on the right hand side of the road, if you have your back to the port, just beyond the Cathedral Square.

The Barcelona Tours bus leaving
The Barcelona City Tour bus leaving

It is worth noting that some of the easier stops to find are: Camp Nou (7), Colón Monument (16), World Trade Centre (15), Miró Museum (14) and Poble Espanyol (11). On first boarding the bus, you may wish to choose to wait at one of these stops, for ease of finding it.

Barcelona City Tour Sightseeing bus covers the majority of Barcelona's most popular tourist destinations. It is worth checking your map for places close to the stops that may be of interest to you. You may choose to use the service as a convenient way to see the city from the comfort of your top-deck seat. Alternatively, the bus can be used as a quick and easy way to travel between attractions, where you can alight to find out more.

Your hop on hop off tourist bus tickets included with the Barcelona City Pass

24-hour tickets for the Barcelona City Tour hop on hop off bus are included FREE with the Barcelona City Pass. If you're also interested in visiting the Sagrada Familia and the Park Guëll you might prefer booking the Barcelona City Pass instead as it includes:

  • 24-hour tickets for the Barcelona hop on hop off double decker bus,
  • skip-the-line tickets for the Park Guëll Monumental area,
  • skip-the-line tickets for the Sagrada Familia,
  • audioguides to visit the Park Guëll, that you would not get if you purchase your Park Guëll tickets without the Barcelona City Pass,
  • audioguides to visit the Sagrada Familia,
  • a 10% discount coupon to use on your next booking of tickets or tours in Barcelona.

Tickets will be sent directly to your smartphone and you won't need to print them out. The tickets will enable you to visit the the Park Guëll and the Sagrada Familia using the fast-track entry lines so that you do not waste time in queuing. You will also be able to take the Barcelona hop on hop off bus to visit the city for an unlimited number of times during 24 hours by just showing your e-ticket when boarding the bus - no queues needed at a ticket office. The Barcelona hop on hop off bus has stops next to Park Guëll and Sagrada Familia which makes it very convenient to visit both attractions.

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