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Private Tours in Barcelona

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This page will give you an introduction to private tours in Barcelona along with a link to a page that offers a Barcelona Private Tour. You will also learn what the advantages are for taking a private tour over a grouped tour.

A Private Tour or A Grouped Tour ?

The first question to answer when deciding on what type of Barcelona tour you are going to choose is do you want a Barcelona private tour (you and your companions will be the only people on the tour) or do you want to join others in a grouped tour? The answer to this question depends on your budget, your preferences for language and itinerary.

Private Tours

Private tours tend to be more expensive than grouped tours but if your are travelling with a number of friends or family members the private tours could work out quite economical because the price of the tour is divided by the number of people in your group - (check this with each tour operator first because they have different pricing plans).

A private tour will also give you more flexibility in choosing your itinerary which is useful if you want to explore a particular part of the city. The other advantage of private tours are that you can often choose the language in which you want the tour.

Grouped Tours

Grouped tours are considerably cheaper than private tours and cost anything from €12.00 upward per person but the actual price depends on the type of tour you choose. They are not as flexible as the Private tours but you can still have an interesting visit and introduction to the city. More information on grouped tours.

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