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Barcelona left luggage service keeps small, medium, and large luggage safe for tourists

Barcelona left luggage service keeps your luggage in a safe place at 36, Estruc Street beside the Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona. It is recommended for those travellers and tourists who want to explore the city with their luggage left at a safe place.

The left luggage service safely stores your belongings- shopping bags, backpacks, bike, surfboards, musical instruments or suitcases. There are three locker options to choose from: medium locker, large locker, and extra large locker options. You can choose one based on the size of your baggage. Big items such as bikes, surboards, snowboards, skis, etc. that do not fit into a locker will be stored in a dedicated storage room for big items.

 The luggage is stored in lockers or a safe room under surveillance by security cameras.

The Barcelona left luggage service operates through the week. The luggage storage place is well-connected to the airport via shuttle or train, the port, and the L1, L3, and L4 metro lines. You can shuttle between places without being stuck with your luggage.

In this service, you will also be able to access your belongings in your lockers as many times as you wish during the day without any additional cost.

The luggage can be collected until the closing time of the left luggage.

The staff at the Barcelona Left Luggage Service will assist you in English and Spanish.

Please note that you will need to preserve the ticket issued to you after paying for your locker at the left luggage to be able to access your locker during the day and retrieve your luggage.

There is no need to carry print outs of the booking vouchers, you can simply show the booking on your smartphone.

For details of the specific operating hours of the service, you can follow the link below for more information and to make your reservation.

By booking online in advance your locker or storage space for big items will be reserved for you at your desired date and you will get a special discount.

 The Barcelona left luggage service will be of interest to anyone who wants to keep their luggage (small, medium or large) at a safe place in the city centre. It is recommended for tourists to experience the city of Barcelona without having to carry the luggage everywhere.

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