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Baggage Storage In Barcelona- Where You Can Find Left Luggage And Secure Locker Facilities

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This page will give you information regarding baggage storage in Barcelona; where to find them, how much they cost, what they can store and an over-view of rules.

Luggage storage at Barcelona Airport
Luggage storage at Barcelona Airport

Baggage Storage at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona airport has a left luggage service at Terminal 1 and T2 where you can leave your luggage.

Luggage Storage in Barcelona Centre

Apart from the airport there are several other baggage storage venues dotted around Barcelona these include:

1. Sants train station
2. Barcelona Nord bus station
3. Locker Barcelona at Carrer Estruc, 36 (a few minutes walk from Plaça de Catalunya).

Sants Station and Barcelona Nord Locker Facilities:

Please note that the Spanish word for baggage storage is 'Consignas' and the symbol will either be a suitcase sign or a key and bag sign.

Left luggage sign at Barcelona Sants station
Left luggage sign at Barcelona Sants station

The payment required allows you to store your luggage for up to 24 hours but see below if you want more time.

With Barcelona Nord and Sants station storage facilities once opened, and you wish to continue with the service you will be asked to make a new payment.

Do be careful with your key. If you lose it you will, unfortunately, have to pay a replacement fee, something that either you or your wallet won't like one bit.

If you wish to leave your luggage for over this period of time, you will be asked to pay an extra fee but be aware that this is only for a maximum of 15 days. If this is the service you desire, then you may either pay this to one of the security guards or automatically, by adding more money to the locker
No responsibility will be taken for items lost.

Locker Barcelona

Locker Barcelona: You can visit and open your locker as many times as you wish within the time you have paid for. Locker Barcelona uses a password to access your locker instead of a key.

Map showing the locations of Barcelona Sants (Estació Sants) and Barcelona Nord Stations and Locker Barcelona which have luggage storage facilities.

Map showing the locations of Barcelona Sants (Estació Sants) and Barcelona Nord Stations and Locker Barcelona which have luggage storage facilities.

Barcelona Nord Station. Click here for more information.
Locker Barcelona. Click here for more information.
Sants Estació - Barcelona Sants Station. Click here for more information.
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Sants Train Station

The left luggage storage area is located towards the rear of the station and is next to McDonald's and the Telefonica phone shop. The service is 24 hour and due to security awareness you will be asked to put your baggage through a device similar to an airport x-ray machine. This area is a secure area manned by guards 24 hours a day. There are roughly 100 lockers with a choice of large or small.

Left luggage at Barcelona Sants station
Left luggage at Barcelona Sants station

The small lockers can hold items such as hand luggage or a small over-night.
Small locker: €6.00

Small: 80cm deep/ 60cm tall/ 40 cm wide
Large: 90cm deep/ 60cm tall/ 50 cm wide

The large lockers can hold a normal suitcase size.
Large locker: €4.00

Barcelona Nord Bus Station

These lockers can be found opposite the station within the outside bus area. There are roughly 50 white lockers in total and three different sizes to choose from; small, large or lockers for tall equipment such as skis (please note that there are only four of these).

Dimensions Small lockers:
Large Lockers
Height 61.50 cm 51.50 cm
Width 28.00 cm 55.70 cm
Depth 76.60 cm 91.60 cm

The tall lockers are roughly 2 metres by 25 centimetres.

Tall locker: €5.00

Locker Barcelona

Dimensions Medium lockers
€4.50 / day
€8.00 / day
XL Lockers
€14.00 / day
Height 45 cm 60 cm 90cm
Width 40 cm 40 cm 50cm
Depth 50 cm 80 cm 90 cm

Baggage storage and Barcelona International Airport.

There is a left luggage storage facility at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2B of Barcelona International Airport where you can securely store your bags.

Follow the links below for further details of these luggage storage facilities.

Luggage transfer and storage service

There is a luggage transfer and storage service called Bags&Go that can pick up your luggage from any Barcelona hotel, train station, airport or cruise port and then transfer your luggage to wherever you need it. e.g. you could arrive at Barcelona Cruise port and have your luggage transferred to your hotel whilst you get on with your holiday. Alternatively, you could arrive at a Barcelona airport and have your luggage delivered to your hotel - enabling you to start sightseeing right away - no need to lug your bags to your hotel first. This service is handy if you don't want to carry around your heavy luggage or if you're on a tight schedule and want to make the most of your holiday.

I hope this page will have been some use to you regarding baggage storage in Barcelona. May your luggage be safe and your key even safer!

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