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Barcelona Cruise Port Terminals: Tourist Transport and Facilities At The Docks.

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This page answers most questions we receive from tourists regarding the Barcelona Cruise Ports. These include transport options from the port to the city centre and the airport, car and coach parking, nearby accommodation, baggage storage, car hire, and the location of the terminals in relation to the city centre. We also have a detailed map of the cruise port area shown below.

barcelona cruise port terminal at port vell
Barcelona cruise port terminal close to Port Vell

Where Are The Cruise Terminals?

The ports are at the foot of La Rambla (Barcelona's most famous Boulevard, also often referred to as Las Ramblas) which runs through the heart of the city centre.

Cruise terminal names and locations

There are 9 terminals in total at the Barcelona port, 7 of these are cruise terminals. They can be roughly categorized into 3 main locations.

Adossat Quay Terminals

Terminals A, B, C and D and E are based at the Adossat Quay and are furthest away from the city centre. The Terminal D is also called Palacruceros.

World Trade Centre Terminals

There are 2 terminals at the World Trade Centre (WTC) pier which are called North, and South terminals.

Sant Bertrand Terminal, is also near to the WTC (refer to our cruise terminal map) This terminal is generally used for ferries between Barcelona and the Balearic Islands.

There is a stop for a hop on hop off tourist bus near the World Trade Centre. This could be a good option if you want to start exploring the city right away, because the World trade centre is right in the middle of the cruise terminals and within easy walking distance after you embark.

Maremagnum Port Vell

There is one small terminal at the Maremagnum Port Vell however this terminal is mainly used for large ships and not cruise liners.

Barcelona Cruise Terminals Map

Jaume I Metro
Espanya Metro
Espanya Metro
Rocafort Metro
Urgell Metro
Sant Antoni Metro
Poble Sec Metro
Universitat Metro
Universitat Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Passeig de Gracia Metro
Catalunya Metro
Catalunya Metro
Liceu Metro
Drassanes Metro
Paral.lel Metro
Paral.lel Metro
Cram Hotel (4 Star)
W Hotel (5 Star)
Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel (5 Star)
Duquesa de Cardona Hotel
Ingles Hotel (1 Star)
Operaramblas Hotel (2 Star)
Auto Hogar Hotel (2 Star)
Apolo Hotel (4 Star)
Orient Hotel (3 Star)
Benidorm Hotel (2 Star)
Gaudi Hotel (3 Star)
Jardi Hotel (2 Star)
Neri Hotel (4 Star)
Gotico Hotel (4 Star)
Rialto Hotel (3 Star)
Suizo Hotel (3 Star)
Adagio Hotel (2 Star)
Universal Hotel (4 Star)
Atlantis Hotel (3 Star)
Gran Via Hotel (3 Star)
Midmost Hotel (3 Star)
Catalunya Plaza Hotel (3 Star)
Gravina Hotel (3 Star)
Continental Hotel (3 Star)
Lleo Hotel (3 Star)
Silken Ramblas Hotel (4 Star)
Royal Hotel (4 Star)
Serhs Rivoli Rambla Hotel (4 Star)
Cortes Hotel (2 Star)
Principal Hotel (2 Star)
Meridien Hotel (5 Star)
Monte Carlo Hotel (3 Star)
Nouvel Hotel (3 Star)
Regina Hotel (4 Star)
Avenida Palace Hotel (4 Star)
Avenida Palace Hotel (4 Star)
InterContinental Barcelona Hotel (5 Star)
B Hotel (3 Star)
Barcelona Bus Turistic - Colom - Museu Maritim Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus Stop
Barcelona Cruise Bus
Barcelona City Tour Bus - Port Vell Stop
Barcelona City Tour Bus - Passeig de Colom Stop
Barcelona City Tour Bus - World Trade Centre Stop
Barcelona City Tour Bus - World Trade Centre Stop
Barcelona Bus Turistic - Colom - Port Vell Stop
Barcelona Bus Turistic - Colom - Museu Maritim Stop
Barcelona Bus Turistic
Barcelona Bus Turistic - World Trade Centre Stop
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Options for travelling to and from the cruise port to the city centre.

Shuttle transfer service

Private transfer service

You can book your private transfer online before your trip and print out a voucher which you bring with you. When you arrive the driver will be at your disembarking point holding a card with your name on it. From there you will be driven directly from the disembarking point to your destination. When cruise ships arrive there can be several thousand people also looking for transport to the city centre. With a private transfer you will bypass the queues and make your way to the hotel in the shortest possible time. The service is a little more expensive than the other forms of transport however if you don't have a lot of time in the city or you just want to have a stress-free arrival with someone to help you with your bags, then a private transfer may be worth considering.


The nearest cruise terminal to La Rambla is about a 15 minute walk away. However there are 7 cruise terminals and if you arrive at one which is furthest from La Rambla you would need to catch a shuttle bus called the Cruise Bus (see details below) which will take you to Mirador de Colom (The memorial to Christopher Columbus).

It is not recommended to walk to the city centre if you are arriving at cruise terminals A, B, C or D (Adossat Quay) because you have a long walk (about 2 km) from the terminal to the Columbus Monument which is at the foot of La Rambla. If you have luggage you will not find this walk too comfortable in the midday heat. If you are arriving at the North, East or South cruise terminals (at the World Trade Centre) then it is possible for you to walk, although it is still a good 15 minutes to the foot of La Rambla.

Cruise Bus Shuttle service that runs along the port of Barcelona
Cruise Bus shuttle service that runs along the Barcelona cruise ports.

Cruise Port Shuttle Bus Service Cruise Bus known locally as the "Blue Bus"

The Cruise Bus runs from all the cruise port terminals to the monument of Christopher Columbus and back. The bus is also adapted for easy access for the traveller with a disability with a wheelchair.

Cruise Bus Tickets

The tickets for the Cruise Bus can only be purchased with cash on the bus itself. Alternatively you can book your tickets online in advance. Follow the link below to book in advance.

The walking time from the Christopher Columbus monument to La Rambla is about 1 minute, and the nearest MetroMetro is Drassanes (Green Line, L3), which is only about 5 minutes walk from the monument. See our Barcelona metro map to see the location of Drassanes station.

Once at the metro you will have a good transport connection to the rest of the city. We have written more information about the cruise port shuttle bus if you require more detailed information.

Cruise Bus Ticket Prices
Single ticket: €3.00
Return ticket: €4.50

You cannot use the T-Casual transport ticket on this cruise bus service. There is no fixed timetable for the Blue Bus however the cruise terminal operators co-ordinate the running of the bus with the arrival and departures of the cruise ships. On average the bus leaves every 30 minutes from the Christopher Columbus monument.

Hop on hop off tourist bus has several stops near the cruise terminals.

Hop on hop off tourist bus has 2 stops near the cruise terminals
The Barcelona City Tour "hop on hop off" tourist bus has 2 stops near the Barcelona cruise terminals.

Many tourists arriving on the cruises do not have much time to see the city and would like to go on a hop on hop off tourist bus to get a good overview of Barcelona's main attractions. This is probably the quickest and most convenient way to see the city - especially if your visit is short.

There are 2 stops for the hop on hop off tourist bus near the cruise terminals which make it easy for a tourist to catch this bus service, one at the world trade centre and the other at the Christopher Columbus monument. You can purchase your tickets for the tourist bus online in advance of your trip and simply present the printed out voucher to the driver. We have written a detailed page on the hop on hop off tourist bus service and include details of exactly where the stops are in relation to the cruise port. Follow the link below to learn more.


The other option is to simply catch a taxi from the port to the city centre which is cheap and quick (normally less than 10 minutes).

Taxi fare: €20.00

Our Insider Tip

Did you know that you can’t take your luggage onto the Hop on Hop off tourist bus. Therefore before you take the tourist bus you need to store you luggage at a luggage storage point. Follow the link below to find and book a luggage storage in the city centre near to a tourist attraction.

Find a luggage storage point to store your luggage

How to travel to the Docks from the Airport

Our page on the Barcelona airport transport explains the options for public transport to and from the Airport to the city centre. From there you would need to make your way to the ports by foot. None of the public transport methods take you directly to the ports from the airport so you would either need to make several changes using different transport systems or be prepared do some walking.

Bus transfer to Barcelona airport

If you want to travel by bus public transport this is what you need to know:

Take the Aerobus to Plaça de Catalunya, then catch the metro from Catalunya to Drassanes. From there walk to the Columbus monument and then catch the Cruise Bus to your cruise terminal. As you can see it is not straight forward to use public transport to commute between the airport and cruise terminals.

Taxi to Barcelona airport from the cruise port

One option for travelling to and from the airport to the docks is to catch a taxi. Taxis are quick, available and cheap. The journey will take you about 25 minutes. There are no additional charges for your luggage. You also have 2 additional supplements. One for taking you from the airport and the other for alighting at the cruise terminal or vice versa. For the exact taxi rates and supplements we recommend you visit the Metropolitan Institute For Barcelona Taxis web site that list the up to date fares for Barcelona Taxis.

Taxi fare: €39.00

Private valet transfer to Barcelona Airport from the cruise port

Another option is to arrange a private transfer from the Cruise Port to Barcelona Airport (or vice versa). The advantage with this is that you can reserve the service online before your trip and you will not have queues to deal with. You also have a more personal service which can be reassuring if you are not familiar with the city.

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Driving Route From Barcelona Cruise Port to Barcelona Airport
(Total Distance 14 km)

Barcelona Cruise Port to Barcelona Airport Driving Route Map

Continue onto C-32B until Barcelona Airport

Then take C-31 leading to C-32B

Get on B-10 from Passeig de Josep Carner

Our Insider Tip

Important note that some tourists have instructed taxi drivers to go to Terminal A" (or B or C etc) and the taxi driver has misunderstood and taken them to the airport terminal instead. Make sure you specifically say the Cruise Terminal otherwise you could end up at the airport instead!"

Cheap car parks near the cruise port

The terminals themselves offer short term car park facilities to give you enough time to load and unload.

If you want to park your car for more than a few hours, days or weeks there are car parks that are a short drive from the Cruise Port.

Follow the link below to learn more about the car parks that can meet your different parking needs when bringing your car on a cruise.

Baggage Storage

There is a baggage delivery service at the cruise port. However there are no self-storage lockers at the port. We recommend you see the following pages that explains the options available to you for storing your luggage when arriving at the port.

We recommend you see our Baggage Storage in Barcelona article that will explain how you can store your bags if you do not want to use a baggage transfer service.

Nearby Accommodation

The nearest hotel to the docks is the Eurostars Grand Marina hotel. which is at the World trade centre. This hotel offers magnificent views of the port area and is a good base for your trip to Barcelona.

Review of the Eurostars Grand Marina hotel

We have also created a page on hotels within walking distance of the cruise port.

barcelona cruise terminal
Columbus monument (Mirador de Colon)

The monument to Christopher Columbus (Colon) marks the foot of the Southern most end of the Ramblas. The Columbus monument is a useful landmark to find your bearings when walking toward La Rambla from your cruise ship. The walkway, which you can see in the centre of the picture, is Port Vell and behind us we have a walk way across the Marina to the Barcelona Aquarium. This picture was taken in October and the sun is still shinning!

Facilities for people with a disability at the Port

The port caters for the tourist with a disability including those with wheelchairs. The port has lifts at all major locations so travelling around with a wheelchair around the port area offers no obstacles. The Blue Bus (cruise shuttle bus service) is also adapted for the traveller with a disability with a wheelchair.

Ferries To The Balearic Islands

If you wish to arrange a trip by ferry across to the Balearic Islands Mallorca, Minorca or Ibiza, it's recommended that you visit the official websites of the 3 ferry operators that offer this service to gain timetable and pricing information. The operators are:

Acciona Trasmediterranea:
Website: Trasmediterranea

Website: Balearia

Cruise port timetable, Cruise Arrival information

You can look up the timetable, arrival terminal and other information about your cruise by visiting the following link below. If you want to find the cruise terminal that your cruise arrives at you would have to choose the monthly cruise arrival schedule link.

Barcelona cruise arrival information

Further Information

If you require more specific information regarding the cruise port and its terminals we recommend you contact the Cruise Port customer services department - SAC (Servicio Atencion de Cliente) or visit the Official website for the cruise port, details given below:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +34 93 298 6000

Official Website: Port de Barcelona official web site

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