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On this page you'll find where you take the trains from, what time they leave, where to buy tickets, how much they cost, journey times and details of what services are provided on board the trains that run between Barcelona and Madrid.

Barcelona Sants station
Barcelona Sants station

Where do I catch the trains?

There are 3 trains which leave from Barcelona-Sants for Madrid. The 'AVE' train (high-velocity train) and the Combinado train runs to Madrid Puerta de Atocha, and the 'Costa Brava' train runs to Madrid-Chamartin. The AVE and combinado train travels during the day, and the Costa Brava (Estrella) train goes overnight.

Barcelona City Pass

Frequency And Travel Times

The AVE trains travel every day however some schedules only run during certain days of the week (see RENFE link below).

The AVE train runs regularly throughout the day (see timetable link below)
AVE travel time varies but it is around 3 hours. We recommend you refer to the timetable link below for precise information on travel times.

The 'Combinado' train runs each day and has more stops than the AVE, taking 6 hours. Check the link to the official RENFE website below for exact times.

The Costa Brava train runs overnight, making more stops and takes 9 hours. There is only one Costa Brava train.

Costa Brava train departure time: 21:15

Timetables can change. Official RENFE timetable for Barcelona Madrid train.

Feedback from one site visitor on the AVE train service

AVE (High Speed Train)
AVE (High Speed Train)

The AVE (high speed) train service between Madrid and Barcelona travel time is only 2 and 3/4 hours for the direct trains. When you figure in the 1 or more hours in advance that you need to be at the airport, the total time is quite comparable.

Tourist class ticket price range
Single ticket: €58.15 - €127.10

There are also often discount fares available online on the RENFE site.

I have not used this train yet, but I have used the Madrid-Seville AVE and found it to offer excellent service. I am going to use the Madrid-Barcelona AVE in a few weeks. The web fare I obtained was cheaper than flying, and my door-to-door travel time will only be about half an hour longer.

Your website is excellent! Lots of thorough information. I have found it to be very, helpful. Keep up the excellent work.

How much is a ticket from Barcelona to Madrid?

The official RENFE prices in euros are as follows:
Information updated: January 2023

AVE Train Tourist Class
Single ticket: €85.10

AVE Train First Class
Single ticket: €181.50

Our Insider Tip

Do you want a chance to get discount tickets? Try the online reservations service by RENFE see link below.

High Velocity Train Timetable between Barcelona to Madrid

English RENFE agents site

The overnight train offers you the option to pay for a bed. You can choose from the following:

Tourist Class Single Ticket
Adults: €44.60
Children: €26.75

First Class Single Ticket
Children: €34.05

Bunk Beds
Single ticket:

What are the benefits of the train as opposed to the plane?

One of the main advantage of taking a train is an environmental one. With the ever increasing levels of the green house gas C02 in the atmosphere which is directly leading to global warming many savvy travellers are now opting for more "carbon efficient" ways of travelling. According to Collins Gem "Carbon Counter" a plane flight leads to approximately three to five times more C02 emissions per passenger than an equivalent journey on a train.

In addition water vapour released at high altitudes from a plane has an even greater global warming effect than C02. Unlike water vapour released into the lower atmospheric altitudes where it is quickly removed.

To calculate your exact carbon footprint visit the following web page:

Flight Carbon Calculator

The other main advantages to a train journey is you have more opportunity to relax. There's no need to be at the station hours before to check in, and of course you have space to walk up and down during the journey. You will see the scenery, and, on the daytime trains, you have the option of dining in the restaurant or snacking in the café and making a real experience of the journey itself.

With the new high velocity train between Barcelona and Madrid the journey times are comparable to those with the airlines if you consider check in times. The AVE high velocity train journey between Barcelona and Madrid will take around 3 hours on average depending on the time of day the service is operating.

Services on board the Barcelona Madrid train

If you go first class with either the day train or night train, you can benefit from free parking facilities at the departure station. If you are making a single journey, you may park for 24 hours, and if you are making a return journey you can park for 48 hours. All customers must pass through a checkpoint before getting on board. Note that this will close 2 minutes before departure time.

Other Train Facilities

AVE High Velocity Train

Club Class, First class (preferente) or standard (turista)
Toilets for people with a disability and seating
Café and restaurant
Free drink and restaurant meal for first class
Free magazine
TV, music

The Costa Brava train facilities include a free magazine and café facilities.

Official website Then click the English flag to see the site in English. (Other languages also available).
Buying tickets

You can reserve your tickets by phone. You can ask to be put through to an English speaking operator, and the phones are manned all night.

Ticket booking line
Tel: +34 91 919 0504

You can usually buy tickets directly from travel agents. They will display a RENFE notice in the window if they offer this service.

Or online with the ticketnet system at the official RENFE site

You have to begin by registering as a client, and for this you will need an ID number. If you have one, you can use your Spanish resident's card number (Sometimes you have to input it without the letters). You can also choose the option to print your own internet bought tickets.

If you have any queries with regards to buying tickets you can call the customer service line:

Tel: +34 91 919 0504 
Tel: +34 91 232 0320 

If you've booked the wrong tickets, you can cancel tickets bought online up to two hours after the time you bought them, without any extra charges. After this, they will charge 15% to the card that you used to buy them.

The credit card holder must be the one to collect the tickets from the station, and they must take photographic ID.

Fly between Barcelona and Madrid

Further information on the train service available from the following stations

Barcelona Sants station information and ticket reservations:
Tel: +34 91 919 0504
International information
Tel: +34 91 232 0320

Address: Plaça dels Països Catalans, s/n

Station opening hours:

Monday - Sunday: 05:15 - 23:15

Left luggage office: 
Monday - Sunday: 07:00 - 22:00

Ticket selling in advance: 
Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 20:00
Ticket selling for immediate departure:
Monday - Sunday: 06:00 - 22:00

Bus numbers from station: 32, 44, 78, 109, 30, 27, 43, 115

metroMetro: Sants-Estació (Green Line, L3) and (Blue Line, L5)

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

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Distance to airport: 13.5km
Distance to port: 2.5 km

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