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T Mobilitat Travelcard - Barcelona's new Contactless Rechargeable Smart TravelCard

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The T-Mobilitat is a new contactless, rechargeable travelcard planned for release. It will replace many different transport tickets currently being used and combining them into one single, smart card. The benefits of this new smartcard will make it more convenient and economical to use the public transport system in Barcelona and Catalunya as a whole.

Barcelona metro ticket machine
Barcelona metro ticket machine

How to pay for your transport with T-Mobilitat

You will be able to top up your travelcard not only from the standard payment machines but also from your own mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. The new app for the travelcard will also enable you to top up the T-Mobilitat directly from your PC. You would also be able to set up automatic periodic charge ups of your card with a fixed amount - saving you the trouble of having to do this manually. Since you can top up the travelcard from anywhere on your mobile device, it will save you the trouble of queuing at ticket machines or having to have the cash to top up the card. You can simply charge the card from your mobile device using a credit card.

The T-Mobilitat travelcard will be a contactless and reusable device. The card will have a smart chip incorporated into the card that enables the more advanced and intelligent features of the card over a regular ticket. The smart technology makes it not only convenient for the travellers to use but also good for the environment as only one card is required.

The T-Mobilitat travelcard will be valid for public transport for the entire Catalunya region.

The T-Mobilitat project is still a work in progress. There are quite a number of different public transport systems that need to fully integrate with the T-Mobilitat system however once achieved we can look forward to more convenient and affordable public transport in Barcelona.

At this stage however it is not clear if tourist visitors to Barcelona would be able to gain access to the T-Mobilitat. We will keep you posted.

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

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