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This page summarizes the different bus transfers to and from Barcelona. The information includes Bus transfers to and from Barcelona airport to the city centre in addition to bus transfers to other popular destinations from Barcelona city centre. You will also find links next to each Barcelona Bus transfer option for further information.

Barcelona Airport bus no. 46
Barcelona Airport bus no. 46

Please note we've only included the most important bus transfer Barcelona routes. Unfortunately we cannot cover bus transfers to all destinations outside of Barcelona as there are literally hundreds of these. However the popular destinations have been covered here.

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Barcelona metro
Barcelona Airport metro (Orange Line,L9)
Barcelona TMB buses
Barcelona Airport TMB bus
Regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya train in Zone 1)
Barcelona Airport RENFE R2 train

Barcelona Airport: Aerobus: Bus Transfer Service running to and from Barcelona city centre to Barcelona Airport.

This bus runs from directly outside all three Barcelona Airport terminals and provides a quick and efficient way to travel between the airport and Barcelona city centre and vice versa.

The Aerobus has 2 large sections set aside for stowing your luggage on the bus during the journey. As you can see from the photo the bus is quite large with plenty of room for large groups with luggage. I recommend you click on the following link to go to our Barcelona Airport transport page to learn more about the Aerobus.

Girona: Barcelona Bus Transfer - Girona to Barcelona and Vice Versa

The Barcelona bus is operated by a company called Sagalés. Many tourists automatically think that Barcelona Bus is operated by Ryan Air because the bus has coordinated its timetable with that of the Ryanair flights. Ryanair also give details of this bus service on their website making it appear as though they are operated by the same company. However bear in mind they are in fact separate companies. Remember this when you are relying on an independent bus transfer service to take you to the airport on time for a flight.

If you think that an additional travel insurance policy may cover your journey should an independent bus transfer service be late - think again. I advise you to read the small print of the insurance policy first.

Tourists may be surprised to find out that they are not covered if they arrive late at the airport due to delays or negligence on the part of an independent bus transfer service.

Important: Also be aware that there are 2 different Barcelona Buses which are both operated by the same company. Make sure to catch the right bus. One bus leaves Girona Airport and goes directly to Barcelona (and vice versa) the other bus only leaves from Girona centre and goes to Barcelona (and vice versa) make sure you're catching the right Barcelona Bus.

See our page on the Barcelona Bus transfer service.

Barcelona Bus Information Tel: +34 90 213 0014

Sitges: Bus Transfer to and from Barcelona to Sitges

The Bus transfer service between Barcelona airport or Barcelona city centre and Sitges is called the Bus Garraf service. The Bus Garraf takes the following route in both directions.

Barcelona City Centre > Bellvitge > Barcelona Airport > Ribes > Sitges > Rocamar > Roquetes > Vilanova > Cubelles > Cunit > Segur > Calafell > El Vendrell. See our page on the Bus Garraf service.

Barcelona to Salou Transfer

Salou is 110km South West of Barcelona. If you wish to travel between Barcelona to Salou and vice versa you have both a bus transfer option and a train transport option.

For more information see our detailed page on transport options between Barcelona and Salou.

You also have a private taxi option but this is expensive.

Taxi fare: €220.00

Reus to Barcelona and Reus to Barcelona Airport

If you've booked a low-cost flight to Reus with a budget airline e.g. Ryanair you will want to arrange a transfer from Reus Airport to Barcelona.

For more information see our page on transfer options between Reus and Barcelona.

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