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Facilities For People With A Disability at Barcelona Port: Guide to Access for Limited Mobility Travellers at the Cruise Terminal in Barcelona, Spain

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If you are a limited mobility traveller, cruises can prove to be a good holiday option. Cruise ships tend to be well-equipped for wheelchair users and other travellers with a disability, due to their popularity amongst this group. On this page, we will provide you with information and advice on services for you as a limited mobility traveller at Barcelona cruise port.

Facilities for people with a disability at the terminal at Barcelona Cruise Port

Each of the terminals at Barcelona cruise port is fully adapted for limited mobility travellers to accommodate you if you use a walking stick, a wheelchair or a scooter. There are toilets for people with a disability, widened doors, lifts between floor and ramps where necessary.

Unlike Barcelona Airport, there is no special service desk for requesting help in checking in and making your way around the terminal building. This is because this is a service that will be provided by the cruise liner company. When you are booking your cruise (see our page on booking a cruise from Barcelona port) you should inform the cruise liner company that you are a limited mobility traveller. Let them know if you will need a member of staff to meet you at the cruise terminal. A member of staff from the cruise ship can offer you assistance with booking in and making your way around the terminal building and onto the cruise ship.

For further details of the services at each terminal, including information on whether there are restaurants, shops, telephones and other services, see each individual cruise terminal page. Click on the page that corresponds to the terminal you will be travelling from:
Terminal A
Terminal B
Terminal C
Terminal D
North and South Terminal

Facilities for people with a disability on the cruise ship from Barcelona cruise port

Once you are on the cruise ship, facilities for limited mobility travellers will be dealt with by the cruise liner company - see above for more details.

Travelling on a cruise ship is a good option if you are a traveller with a disability. You should have no problem in receiving assistance for the majority of your trip. However this is something that you will need to liaise with the cruise company that you are travelling with to organise. When you are making your booking, be sure to tell them about any special requirements that you have and then you can find out more about how the cruise company can accommodate them.

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