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Essential Guide to Marella Explorer 2 at Barcelona Cruise Port

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This page covers all you need to know about Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship at Barcelona cruise port.

Overview to Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship
Schedule for Marella Explorer 2 arrival and departure times for 2023
Pre-boarding COVID test requirements
Book services in advance (transport, luggage transfer etc)
Further information about Barcelona cruise port

Overview to Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship

Cruise ship name: Marella Explorer 2
First voyage: 20 December 1995
Ship Length: 248 metres (814 feet)
Maximum number of passengers: 1,814
Number of crew members: 843
Number of decks: 12
Number of cabins: 907
Maximum speed: 21.5 knots (39.8 km/h; 24.7 mph)
Facilities onboard: Large spa, Chic bar-club-casino space, 10 bars, 9 restaurants, golf-themed bar with golf simulator, Flutes, relaxed restaurant with barbecue-inspired menus and swinging seats, 1 swimming pool.

Arrival and departure schedule for Marella Explorer 2 at Barcelona cruise port dock

The table below shows the arrival and departure dates and times for Marella Explorer 2 at Barcelona port for the current year. The red sections of the table show past dates, and the white sections show future dates when the Marella Explorer 2 ship will arrive at the Barcelona cruise port. Arrival and departure dates and times can change; therefore check with Marella Explorer 2 directly to confirm these dates and time.. The table below also shows the cruise terminal and wharf from which the Marella Explorer 2 will be arriving and departing.This table is updated at the end of each month, so check back for updates.

Arrival Date
Depart Date
Terminal / Wharf
- - Date not confirmed - -

Pre-boarding COVID test requirements for Marella Explorer 2 cruise ship passengers

We recommend you follow the link/s below to the official website of Marella cruise liner company to look up the latest testing and vaccination requirements for taking your cruise from Barcelona with Marella.

Please note that the CDC continues to highly recommend pre-boarding COVID tests for all cruise passengers as a common sense precaution for safeguarding your health and the health of other passengers on a cruise. However, the CDC is now leaving the final decision on the testing requirements down to the individual cruise liners themselves.

Click here to confirm the testing requirements for Marella cruise liner

Marella Explorer 2 cruise arrival or departure services to book in advance

Maximize your time and enjoy a stress-free holiday by booking your cruise services from Barcelona cruise port dock for Marella Explorer 2 before arrival or departure. With these services exclusively available online, you can ensure a smooth experience at the Barcelona cruise port. Below is a list of services that you can arrange in advance. Follow the links to discover more and book your services for the Marella Explorer 2 terminal dock.

Further information on Barcelona cruise port

Barcelona cruise port overview

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