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How To Arrange Your Transfer From Barcelona Cruise Port

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This page will enable you to book your transport once you arrive at Barcelona cruise port. Whether you want to go to a hotel in Barcelona or to Barcelona airport from the port you can book this in advance of your trip. We also show you how you can book a transfer from the Barcelona cruise port to destinations outside of Barcelona.

Barcelona cruise port
Barcelona cruise port

We also give some tips on why you may wish to consider a minibus transfer over public transport when arriving at the cruise port.

Depending on the number of people requiring the transfer service on the day will determine if it is a minibus or coach. On this page we will use the word minibus but bear in mind we mean minibus or coach.

Arriving at Barcelona Cruise port you have the unenviable task of making your way to your city centre hotel, the airport or some other destination outside of Barcelona. With several other thousand people leaving the cruise liner the queues will be long for public taxis or the public cruise shuttle bus. But, there is an alternative. You can arrange your transport to meet you directly from your disembarkation point at the cruise port terminal to take you to your next destination. This will not only save you time, but also the stress of finding yourself in a new city and working out your route.

There are two types of transfer that you can arrange in advance. The shared minibus transfer or the private car transfer.

Shared minibus transfer from the cruise terminals

With the shared minibus transfer the driver will be waiting at your terminal with a bright yellow holding a card with the name of the transfer company written on it. The name of the transfer company will be on your booking voucher once you make your booking.

How to book your minibus transfer

To arrange your transfer click on one of the links below.

Minibus/Bus transfer to / from Barcelona Airport to the following destinations:

The minibus/bus transfer service will take you to / from Barcelona airport to any of the following destinations:

Shared shuttle minibus transfer from / to Cruise port

Why consider a minibus /coach transer service when there are taxis?

Arriving in a foreign airport when you can't speak the local language can be a daunting task. Even though you know you will be able to make it to our hotel one way or another it still causes stress. Typical questions that arise in our minds include:

Will I find the right transport?
What time does it operate?
Will they understand me?
Will we get lost?
Is there enough room for my bags and how much extra will that be?
Can we travel together?
How will I be charged? Will it be too much?
Do I have to tip the driver?
How will I know where to get off?

All of these thoughts can lead to stress - even before your holiday has started. So what is the solution?

Enter the advanced booking for minibus transfer service!

When you make an advanced booking for the minibus service, many of your worries are taken away. It is a comfortable and convenient means of transport that can be booked in advance of your journey. You do not have to be concerned about speaking a foreign language or hoping that someone will understand your instructions. You can relax that your transfer from the airport has been arranged and everything is in hand.

Minibus / Coach transfer keeps your group together

A minibus is also useful for groups of visitors that want to travel together.

The capacity of the minibus or coach is chosen on the day and depends on the number of passengers that have booked. The transfer service has capacities that range from 7 to 30 people. The service is operated on a per person basis. Therefore, you only pay for the number of people travelling in your group and not for the entire van. Remember that other people may also be reserving the minibus/coach service at the same time as you. Therefore, there may be more than one minibus to transfer all the people. This means that you cannot always be guaranteed to travel together in the same minibus; however, the company aims to have members of the same group to travel together whenever possible. This minibus service can only be reserved online in advance of your trip.

What are the baggage allowance limits?

There are several conditions for the transfer, including the number of bags and final destination. e.g. each person may take on one piece of hand luggage and one main suitcase each.

Minibus transfers from which airport terminals?

It is important to read the booking voucher when you make your booking so that you know which terminal is the pickup point however we have provided below the procedure once you arrive at the airport.

Arrival Procedure

The meeting point for the minibus transfer shuttle is at Terminal 2B. If however, your arrival is at Terminal 1 a representative is assigned at Café de Fiore to assist you downstairs to the Free Green Terminal Airport Shuttle bus that will take you to Terminal 2B

In case you do not see the representative, follow the signs that will take you downstairs to the Free Green Terminal Airport Shuttle. Take the Shuttle to Terminal 2B Arrivals Hall where you'll find Eros Bus Travel Stand in front of the Check-in gates 21-22-23 where you will be met by a representative.

If your flight arrives in at Terminal 2 you need to make your way to Terminal 2B which is walking distance between Terminal 2A and Terminal 2C. After collecting your luggage, make your way outside the terminal and follow the signs to Terminal 2B. Once at Terminal 2B go inside and look for the Eros Bus Travel Stand which is found opposite checking desks 21 to 23 where you will be met by a representative.

There may be a waiting time for the minibus/coach service to leave depending on who else has reserved the service.

BCN airport minibus /coach reservation tips

When you make your booking it is essential to read all the instructions on the booking voucher that you print out after you have made your booking.

All the minibus /coach transfers can be booked for either outbound, return or both outbound and return journeys. Simply specify what you want when making your booking.

These transfer services can only be booked online in advance of your trip. You cannot book them when you arrive. Follow the link below for your destination to learn more.

The maximum waiting time for the minibus/coach to leave the airport is 45 minutes.

This minibus /coach transfer service is a reliable, convenient, and affordable way to transfer between Barcelona airport and your hotel and vice versa. However please make sure to read and follow the booking instructions carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly when you arrive.

Frequently asked questions on the minibus / Bus transfer service

Q: How many bags can each person take on the minibus / coach service?

A: When you make your booking each person is entitled to take one hand luggage and one large suitcase. These are included in the booking price. If you have more luggage than this allowance, you will be charged an additional fee on the day depending on the size of your extra luggage.

Q: What is the size of the minibus?

A: The size of the minibus or coach depends on the number of people travelling on the day. It could either be a minibus or a full-size bus.

Q: What terminals does the service operate from Barcelona Airport?

A: The minibus / coach service operates from Terminal 2B of Barcelona airport. If you are arriving a Terminal 1 you will need to make your way to Terminal 2B using the free shuttle bus. Once at Terminal 2B go inside the terminal and look for the Eros Bus Travel opposite gates 21 - 23

Private car transfers

The minibus transfer service explained above is a shared service, i.e. you share the bus with other passengers. If however, you are interested in a private transfer to your city centre hotel where you and your group are the only people in the car then follow the link below. The private transfer service is more expensive than the shared service however it gives you an extra level of luxury.

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