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Locker Barcelona - Secure luggage storage service in the Centre of Barcelona

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Locker Barcelona is a left luggage storage facility in the centre of Barcelona. Only a few minutes walk from Plaça de Catalunya. This secure storage company offers you a convenient place to securely store your belongings whilst you explore the city.

This page will give you a comprehensive overview to Locker Barcelona facilities.

The page also include links for you to book your locker in advance and get a special discount. By booking online in advance, your locker will be reserved for you at the left luggage at your desired date.

Location of the Locker Barcelona service


Locker Barcelona is in the centre of the tourist and shopping district of Barcelona, next to Plaça de Catalunya.

Locker Barcelona
Carrer Estruc, 36
Barcelona, 08002

Tel: +34 93 302 8796

Location map showing Locker Barcelona

Locker Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

Locker Barcelona
Aerobus Stops at Plaça de Catalunya
Urquinaona Metro
Urquinaona Metro
Passeig de Gràcia Metro
Passeig de Gràcia Metro
Catalunya Metro
Universitat Metro
Universitat Metro
Catalunya Metro
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How to arrive at the luggage storage facility

The service is well connected by local buses, tourist buses, Aerobus (the express bus service to Barcelona airport), train and metro stations.

The easiest way to find the locker facility is to make your way to Plaça de Catalunya and simply walk one block to the locker facility. There are stops at Plaça de Catalunya for bus, train, or Metro. If you take a taxi ask for Barcelona Locker on Carrer Estruc 36.

Operating hours

The left luggage facility is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Operating hours: 09:00 - 21:00

The lockers may be accessed as many times as required during the period you have paid for the locker without incurring further charges.

How are your belongings secured?

Lockers Security
Lockers are secured with a password which you select

The access to the locker facility is controlled by the staff of the left luggage. You can only access the left luggage is you are a customer.

The lockers are secured with a password which you can choose. For security purposes always make sure the locker door is in fact locked before you leave and ensure to keep your password confidential.

The locker facility has video surveillance cameras that monitor the facility 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

How to pay for the locker service?

You can pay by cash (notes or change). Locker Barcelona will only accept cash notes up to €50.00 - no higher denominations.

If the amount you have to pay is over €10.00 you can also pay by credit card, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

Locker Rates

Locker Barcelona have worked their charging system in a similar way to how a hotel charging system works. That is, you can turn up at any time during the normal office operating hours and hire your locker. However you need to take your goods out before the last day of hire check-out time if you hire more than one day. If you arrive later than that time you will be charged an extra day. e.g. if you want to hire a small locker for one day and you arrive on Wednesday at 09:00 to put your goods in the locker you need to take your goods out before the check-out time on Thursday and you will only pay for one day. If you arrive later than the check-out time on Thursday you will need to pay for an extra day.

Medium: €4.50 
Large:  €8.50 
Extra Large: €14.50 

Spaces for bikes / Ski / Surfboards / Guitars: €10.00 

By booking online in advance your will get a special discount off the price of your locker or storage space for big items.

Locker Barcelona has 300 lockers in total

Locker sizes:

There are several locker sizes:

Medium locker:
Width 40cm x Height 40cm x Depth 60cm

Large locker
Width 40cm x Height 60cm x Depth 80cm

Extra large locker
Width 50cm x Height 90cm x Depth 90 cm.

Locker Barcelona has 300 lockers.

If you have a large group of visitors that want to hire lockers, locker Barcelona recommend that you make your reservation in advance to ensure availability.

Storage for big items

Bikes, surboards, snowboards, skis and other big items that do not fit in a locker can also be stored at the left luggage. Big items will be stored in a dedicated storage room that is only accessible by staff members.

How long can you store items for?

There is no time limit for the length of storage. You can store items for anything between a few hours to several months.

Prohibited Items:

You cannot store any items that contain flammables, explosives or any other dangerous objects. Also you are not permitted to store any illegal items.

If for any chance you want more time to store your goods than you had originally planned but you are unable to return to Locker Barcelona to renew the locker fee you will need to pay for an extra day when you return to collect your belongings.

Locker Barcelona offers a convenient and secure facility to leave your luggage and other items whilst you are in Barcelona.

By booking online in advance your locker will be reserved for you at the left luggage at your desired date. You will also get a special discount off the price of your locker or of your storage space for big items that do not fit in a locker.

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