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Cheap Long Term Parking In Barcelona

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The car parks around the city centre generally charge between €2.50 - €3.50 / hour to park your car. The parking rates depend on factors such as location of the car park and if an indoor (covered) or outdoor car park. Although some car parks have reduced rates if you leave your car for more 24 hours or more however the rates don't generally go down by that much unless you know which car parks long term reduced rates. You can imagine that if you want to leave your car in a car park for a few weeks or months in Barcelona city centre the cost can be quite expensive. So what can you do?

Car parking in Barcelona, Spain
Car parking in Barcelona

How to find the low cost car parks where you can leave your car for either long term or short term stays

One solution to parking your car for a long period of time is to find the special car parks that offer a very low daily rate. You can then leave your car there for as long as you need and with a low daily rate you don't need to be concerned about having a big bill.

There are some car parks in Barcelona that offer you much lower rates than the standard car parks in busy locations.

All these car parks offer the same services as the car parks in busy areas including 24/7 security monitoring. We have provided a list of these low-cost car parks below.

Car parks fill up quickly in Barcelona and it is advisable to book your car parking in advance if you want to ensure your space will be available when you want it and for the length of time you need.

Low cost car parks in Barcelona

NH Zona Franca car park
Rate: €10.00/ day.

BSM Rius i Taulet car park
Rate:€16.00/ day.

BSM Plaça de Forum car park
Rate: €10.95 / day

BSM Marques de Mulhacen car park
Rate: €13.00 / day

The car parks mentioned above have ready access to the metro underground system for convenient access to the rest of the city.

Finding other car parks in the city

If you want to find other car parks for your stay in Barcelona we recommend that you visit our Barcelona car park map. This map will help you find a car park anywhere in the city from around 140 car parks. You can compare prices for each car park and reserve your car park in advance of your trip.

Barcelona car park map: Find and reserve your car park anywhere in Barcelona city centre

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