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Luggage Storage Points Near FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona

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This page has a table that shows the baggage storage point facilities near the FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona city centre. The storage points work by online advanced reservation only. You can make your reservation using the reservation form below. You will not be able to turn up at the storage point and drop your bags without first making an online reservation.

Baggage storage near FC Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium

To see availability of the luggage storage points specify your drop-off date, pick-up date and the number of bags in the booking form below. Then click the button for the storage point that you want to check availability for.

Reserve Your Luggage Storage Space


Fill in and submit the form below to reserve your luggage storage space.



1) Form fields must be completed in order, from top to bottom. Otherwise, you won't be able to fill in some of the fields and complete your form submission.

2) Once you complete all form fields, click on the booking button below the luggage storage point you wish to book. This will redirect you to the booking page for that luggage storage point.

1. Set your date and time for drop-off

2. Set your date and time for pick-up

3. Set your number of bags

4. Select your luggage storage facility below

Luggage Storage Point Name Address Approximate walking distance to storage point in Meters
Tara supermarket Carrer de la Riera Blanca, 9, 08028 Barcelona, Spain 500 m
BCN Souvenirs Calle Arizala 28, 08028 600 m
Afsar Supermercat Carrer del Regent Mendieta, 6, 08028 Barcelona, Spain 600 m
alyan locutorio Carrer del Regent Mendieta, 6, 08028 Barcelona, Spain 600 m
Coaliment Travessera de les Corts, 26, Barcelona, Spain, 08903 650 m

Camp Nou Football Stadium
Aristides Maillol
08028 Barcelona, España.

Tel: +34 90 218 9900

MetroMetro: Collblanc (Dark Blue Line, L5) and (Orange Line, L9 Sud)

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