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Parking in Gràcia District in Barcelona

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This page has a table showing the car parking facilities near Gràcia in Barcelona city centre. We also give you a brief overview to Gràcia area to help you decide if it meets your parking needs.

Gràcia Location for parking

Gràcia has its own very distinct community atmosphere. It is characterized by picturesque old streets. Most of the shops in this area are small and quant giving them a small village feel. Gràcia street festival occurs each year in Barcelona and during this time it is probably best to avoid parking in this area because the streets are full of stalls and street celebrations. See our page on the annual Gràcia Festival for more information.

Gràcia has 5 metro stops that are close by. These are Gràcia (light blue and brown metro lines), Vallcarca, Lesseps and Fontana (green metro line), Joanic (yellow metro line).

Car parks near Gràcia. Click on the car park name for more information and make your advanced reservation booking.

Car Park Name Address Approximate Walking Distance to Car Park in Meters
BSM Torrent de l’Olla Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 221 900 m to Park Güell
600 m to Hospital de l'Esperança
SABA BAMSA Placídia Gal·la Placídia, 2 10 m to Plaça de Gal·la Placídia
150 m to Gràcia train station
Travessera Parquing Pompeia Travessera de Gràcia, 112 120 m Plaça de Gal·la Placídia
300 m to Gràcia train station
SABA BAMSA Plaça del Sol Plaça del Sol, 5 800 m to Casa Vicens
NN Travessera Travessera de Gràcia,185 300 m to Cine Verdi

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