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Bus Services at Estació Nord Bus Station

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The Alsa Bus
The Alsa Bus

There are a grand total of 24 different bus companies operating out of Estació Nord station. Depending on where you are travelling to, you will need to buy a ticket from the correct bus company ticket desk. This page provides a link to a list of bus companies and their destinations. It also provides details for where each company has their ticket office in the Estació Nord station building.

The Barcelona Bus
The Barcelona Bus

Destinations of the bus services at Estació Nord Station

Check the Official Estació Nord website bus companies page for details of each bus company and where they provide bus services to.

Ticket Offices

Ticket Halls A and B at Barcelona Nord
Ticket Halls A and B at Barcelona Nord

You will not be able to buy tickets for your bus journey on the buses themselves - you will need to purchase tickets from the bus company ticket offices. All of the ticket offices are located on the first floor of the Estació Nord station building. There are three halls in the station building. Here are the locations of each company ticket desk:

Hall A:
Lucky Tour
Saiz Tour
Ripollet Bus

Hall B:
Renfe Iñigo

The Sagalés Bus
The Sagalés Bus

Hall C:
Barcelona Bus - Aeroport Girona
Alsina Graells
Autocars Samar

Once you arrive at the bus station, if you are not sure which bus company you need, you can ask at the Station Information Desk. They will let you know where to buy the tickets and give you timetable information.

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