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Information Desk at Estació Nord Bus Station

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The Information Desk at Estació Nord
The Information Desk at Estació Nord
Estació Nord bus station (sometimes called 'Nord Estació' or 'Barcelona Nord Station') has one station information desk for finding out about everything to do with the station and the buses.

If you want to find out information about tourist activities in Barcelona, it is best to head to the Tourist Information cabin that sits outside the station. For further details on location, opening times and information available, see our Tourist Information at Estació Nord page.

Location for the Information Desks

The Arrivals and Departures Board at Estació Nord Station
The Arrivals and Departures Board at Estació Nord Station

The information desk at Estació Nord sits inside the station building, on the ground floor. On entering the building head to the ground floor - the desk sits at the centre of the long lobby area, just to the right of the arrivals and departures boards (if you are facing them).

Opening times for the Information Desk

Every day: 07:00 - 21:00.

Information on offer at the Information Desk

The information desk at Estació Nord deals strictly with station and bus information (see the Tourist Information Desk for more general information). Staff can answer questions relating to the bus timetables. They can also tell you which bus companies head to which destinations. Each different bus company has their own ticket desk, so the information desk can tell you which company ticket desk to head for depending on where you want to go.

They can provide information on the services in the station, including food, shops, parking and security.

If you have queries relating to the lockers at the station, the information desk staff will help you with this. They can let you know about locker sizes, prices and terms and conditions.

If you are at Estació Nord station and have any questions relating directly to your journey, head to the Station Information Desk and the staff will do everything that they can to help.

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